National Month Observances in June

Kick off summer with these celebrations

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Most people are familiar with Father's Day and Flag Day. Awareness is growing for Juneteenth. These are just a few significant holidays in June. But many other causes or topics far less familiar to the general public are part of the month of June. Many of them are great opportunities for businesses to join in for marketing and promotions.

Many countries adopt causes or special interest groups to promote during specific calendar months. The U.S. is particularly prolific at creating "national month" events to promote various interests and groups, often to the point of confusion. It's interesting how "National Hunger Awareness Month" coincides with so many food-related observances in June. "Turkey Lovers Month" would make sense in November, but it falls in June.

Here is an overview of the many topics and causes for which June serves as the national month.

Health and Wellness

Since Father's Day falls in June, it makes sense that June also is Men's Health Month. June also serves as the national month for many other health issues:

  • Alzheimer's and brain awareness
  • Aphasia awareness
  • Cataract awareness
  • Hernia awareness
  • Migraine and headache awareness
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) awareness
  • Scleroderma awareness
  • Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome awareness
  • Child vision awareness
  • Vision research
  • Cancer from the sun awareness
  • World infertility awareness
  • Professional wellness
  • Pharmacists Declare War on Alcoholism Month
  • Hunger awareness


Next to health and wellness, this probably is the most popular category for national month recognition. Dairy products are the inspiration for both Dairy Month and Dairy Alternative Month. Foods and beverages that get their own national month in June include candy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and iced tea. And, along with being Turkey Lovers Month, June also celebrates or recognizes soul food, steakhouses, and country cooking.

Arts and Culture

African-American Music Appreciation Month is a good fit for June since Juneteenth falls on June 19 in recognition of slavery's abolition in Texas on that day in 1865. June is also National Caribbean-American Heritage Month. Other arts-related topics recognized with their own month in June include audiobooks, accordions, and bathroom reading, which might be one of the oddest topics to get its own month.

Fireworks Safety Month falls in June to raise awareness ahead of the Fourth of July.


In recognition that the weather is getting warmer, June serves as Great Outdoors Month and also is the national month for camping, roses, and rivers. Since not everything about warmer weather is pleasant, June also serves as Fight the Filthy Fly Month.

Home and Family

Children's Awareness Month falls in June, as do Student Safety Month and Potty Training Awareness Month. For four-legged (or no-legged) members of the family, the month also celebrates shelter-cat adoption, zoos, and aquariums. But, remember, it's probably best to keep the cats away from the aquarium fish.

For family members who enjoy sports, June also is Sports America Kids Month and Women's Golf Month.


Effective Communications Month falls in June and is a good topic for business professionals to revisit, as is Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month.


June is LGBT Pride Month, and many businesses get involved in the events that happen throughout the month. While Flag Day falls on June 14 in the U.S., many flag observances take place during the week around that day. Other topics or issues recognized throughout the month include celibacy awareness, lane courtesy, safety, and rebuilding your life.

There's something for everyone to support in June. Choose a few causes that are a natural fit for your business, and kick off summer with some great promotions.