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Hello, star-gazers, tongue-waggers, celeb-watchers, over-sharers, dirt-diggers, fact-finders, rumor-slingers, tattlers, speculators, and of course, truth seekers like you. I'm Buzz Lingesale, the doctor of dish, the oracle of awful, the god of gossip. 


Buzz Lingesale was conceived in the coat check room of Studio 54 after some innocent canoodling between his cocktail waitress mother and one of the club's hunky bouncers escalated into extreme hotness.

From the moment of his arrival on the scene, Buzz has forged meaningful connections with the 1% of the 1% while never losing his popular touch. His godfather was the disco king Steve Rubell, his christening dress was designed by the late Halston. The Village People used to fight about babysitting the chic cutiepie. But none of that has gone to head.

After becoming a child model, Hollywood agents came calling. But so did a rich sauve Italian banker, who wooed his mother out of the Big Apple. Buzz was sent to a Swiss boarding school, where he learned French, German, Italian, and the meaning of in flagranto delicto. His summers were spent in Monaco, at Le Mans, Davos, Southampton and all the usual playgrounds of the fabulous.

After graduating from the Sorbonne with degrees in philosophy and haute couture, and falling out with his mother and stepfather over a proposed arranged marriage with the daughter of an insanely rich oil baron, Buzz fled back to New York, where he got a job at GQ in ad sales.

But multi-lingual men with fetching looks and a gold plated rolodex, don't stay long in ad sales, and it wasn't long before Buzz was given a column for the now defunct hipster bible, FREEQY. 

From there it was one elegant Martin Dingman Crocodile Arloe shoed step fromThem! magazine to Ciao! to Klieg! When he was made editor of Heaven!, gossip analysts thought he was set for life, but then came the offer to anchor 24/7 in 15 Minutes  on CNN, where he remained for a decade, despite repeated wooing from 60 Minutes.


La Sorbonne

L'école Secondaire pour les Riches et Célèbres, Lausanne, Switzerland

A Message from Buzz Lingesale

"Truth, justice and rumors for all."

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