How to Buy a New ATV Quad or 4 Wheeler

Silhouette Of Man On Quad Bike

Fernando Huitron/Getty Images

Buying an ATV can be a difficult decision; there are several different kinds, a dozen or more different sizes and worst of all, in a tight economy it's hard to justify buying a new ATV. But if you've made the decision and want to make sure you're the only one to ride your new quad, buying a new ATV is a no-brainer.

Research Before You Shop

Taking on a seasoned ATV dealer can be intimidating at first. Get to know the ATVs you're considering before you head to the dealer. Find out what others are saying about it, both good and bad, and question the salesman about those subjects. Also, study the ATV's specs and compare it with others so you can understand more about new ATVs.

What do You Really Need?

What's your main purpose for buying a new ATV? How will you use it? Will you need to carry cargo? Will you use it for work or for play, or both? Will you want to carry passengers? Will it be for your kids?

What do You Really Want?

While your needs truly dictate the type of new ATV you'll buy, your desire will be a strong point in your mental negotiation of what type of ATV you go home with. Brand might be an important consideration.

What's Your Budget?

Going into a dealership without knowing exactly how much you can afford to spend is a bad idea. Check your finances carefully to fully understand how much, every month, you can afford. Of course, this isn't an issue if you're paying cash, but that's probably not the case most times.

It's a good idea to go to your Credit Union first and get qualified for the loan beforehand. Remember, dealerships make a killing off of financing your loan, so don't waste your money paying higher interest rates.

Understanding Salesmen

I mentioned that you don't want to try to take on a salesman un-armed. There's a good reason for that, but the bottom line is they are human too. If you treat them with respect and present yourself intelligently it will go a long way in earning the respect of the salesman because you'll be able to communicate at his level.

If you can negotiate it will help quite a bit because salesmen usually work on commission. If not, maybe a friend can go with you and help.

Just be smart and have fun. Don't go at this blindly and you'll find yourself getting more of what you want for hopefully a little less of your hard earned cash!