Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber Review

Butterfly Tenergy 05 - 10/10?

Scan of Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber Cover
Butterfly Tenergy 05 - 10/10?. Scan of Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber Cover

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Marketing Claim

Tenergy 05 / High Performance for a Topspin Attacking Strategy
"Spring Sponge" is the latest innovation from Butterfly. It is the sponge of the coming era. The well-known High Tension technology of Butterfly is now combined with the "Spring Sponge" to produce a new rubber family: Tenergy.
Tenergy 05 is the first family member; the special feature being in the original shape of the pimples. The product carries our development code No. 05 and merges High Tension technology with the characteristics of a highly tacky rubber.
Tenergy 05 has already been evaluated by a large number of leading players, as well as by scientific measurement, as the best rubber for spinning the ball, both when serving and during a rally.
Do you look for a high quality rubber for your topspin and attack strategy? Then Tenergy 05 is the right answer.
* This is a highly delicate product. You are recommended to protect the rubber surface with a rubber film of Butterfly or a similar product after a match or practice.

Playing Impressions

I started with some counterlooping, which is the bread and butter of most speed glued rubbers. First of all, it's pretty darn quick. I was using a 1.9mm sponge version, and it was right up there with what I would expect from a typical speed glued 1.9mm Sriver or Mark V. So Butterfly have done pretty well speed wise.

The problem is that I wasn't getting the same feel, and I was definitely generating less spin than a speed glued rubber. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting perfection, but it really wasn't comparable. My counterloops were sailing off the end of the table, without that nice dip onto the table that you usually get. And the feel just wasn't the same at all - a very hard, clunky sort of feel, instead of that lovely soft, smooth, springy feel of a well glued rubber.

Overall, in the counterlooping stakes, I found Tenergy 05 to be much less forgiving than a typical speed glued Sriver or Mark V in 1.9mm thickness. I'd guess that Butterfly is maybe 70% there as far as spin and feel when it comes to counterlooping.

Moving on to other areas, I was pleasantly surprised by Tenergy 05's performance. Serving touch was quite good really, as was the short game in general. It's very quick of course, but it behaves quite well for such a fast rubber. So a give it a thumbs up for over the table play. Blocking is quite well controlled - it doesn't dive or jump. It still feels a bit like a rock but there aren't any nasty surprises there.

When attacking off a push or slower topspin, Tenergy 05 feels much closer in spin and touch to normal speed glued rubbers. Quite good spin generation and very fast. Driving the ball works very well too. I don't know why this was different to the counterlooping feel and spin, but for me it was. Go figure.

Just for fun, I tried chopping a few loops. Yuck, no surprises there!


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