Butt Plug Harness

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A butt plug harness is a style of strap on harness designed specifically for butt plugs.  It allows you to use a butt plug hands free, without having to hold it.  Unlike most strap on harnesses which position a dildo facing out, so that it may be used on a partner, the butt plug harness is meant to allow the wearer to insert the toy in their own anus.

Most butt plug harnesses feature one adjustable strap that goes around the waist and then a second strap that runs between the legs.

Some butt plug harnesses have cuffs that the butt plug fits into, others have a metal ring, the most basic simply have a strap that holds the butt plug in place by virtue of where it is.

Harnesses differ based on how the straps are adjusted, what they are made of (leather, rubber, nylon), and whether or not the harness offers other uses. For example some strap ons allow the wearer to have a butt plug in place and also have a dildo that sticks out the front to allow for penetration of a partner. Some butt plug harnesses made for bodies with penises come with a penis ring attachment.

Choosing a Butt Plug Harness
Butt plug harnesses are designed to get right up in your business, so generally the best way to choose a harness is based on your body. If your body has a penis, you want a harness that takes that into account, either by including a penis ring, or by using two straps that can run up the front of the body on either side of the penis and scrotum.

  If your body has a vulva you may want a harness where the straps won't get in the way if you'd like to engage in vaginal intercourse while also wearing the plug harness.

The other major consideration is what else you might want to do while wearing your butt plug harness. If you want something that is for extended butt plug wearing, you may want to get something that is going to be comfortable under your clothes and you might want something that won't be visible (on the other hand you might want it to be visible).

If you want a harness you can wear while having sex with partners think about what will let you move in the ways you want to move, and of course you may have aesthetic considerations. Lastly, you may want a harness that doubles as both a dildo and a butt plug harness. Some harnesses are designed for this, but keep in mind that most g-string style harnesses will keep a butt plug in just fine.

For whatever reason, butt plug harnesses tend to be quite expensive. If you're handy you may want to try to make your own homemade sex toy harness.

Using a Butt Plug Harness
If you're thinking about using this harness while having sex with another person, I recommend trying it out on your own first.  It takes a few tries to get the fit right where the straps are in all the places you want them to be.  And moving around with a harness on can feel strange at first, so having an opportunity to play around without worrying what you look like or having to focus on anyone else is a good idea.

If you aren't already comfortable with butt plugs, it's best to start small and start without the harness, until you're used to the feeling.

If you get a leather harness you may want to condition it beforehand so that it's soft and won't rub or chaffe (unless that's what you're looking for).


You also want to have a good quality lubricant, and if you need to use water based lube, be prepared to reapply the lubricant now and then.  For many people there is no danger in having a butt plug in for a period of time, but once the lubricant dries up it can be painful to remove the plug, and it could cause minor tearing in the rectum if the plug is removed roughly when dry.