Useful Gift Ideas for Business Travelers

Check off your gift list with these useful yet thoughtful ideas

Any small business owner knows certain things are needed to create a functional office, but preparing a mobile office which allows you to work from anywhere at any time is an entirely different challenge. With the right tools and planning, business travelers can maintain the high levels of productivity their positions require whether in the office or on the road.

If you're looking for a gift for a business traveler, start with this list of gift ideas that are sure to improve the travel experience for any small business owner on your gift list.

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Carry-On Bag

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The right carry-on bag can often make or break a business trip. A light, easy-to-maneuver bag will tip the scale to the positive side, especially if it has popular features such as a water-resistant exterior fabric, a hard shell, a telescoping handle, front zippered pockets, and easy-rolling inline skate wheels. Look for one that spot-cleans easily with mild soap and water — this is a must for any travel bag.

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Bluetooth Headset

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Business travelers need to be accessible whether they're walking through an airport, on the way to a meeting or catching a cab. A ​Bluetooth headset or earpiece not only keeps you connected but also typically has external noise cancellation and a car charger so you can hear clearly and easily keep it powered up.

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Car Accessories

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If you need to stay in touch while traveling by car, it's important to have easy access to accessories that will help you create a mobile office. Consider giving business travelers a reliable and easy-to-use hands-free device, a universal charger, or an adaptor to make all of his or her devices functional on the road. 

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Personalized Luggage Tags

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Help the business traveler on your gift list avoid the frustration of grabbing the wrong bag, or losing luggage during travel, with personalized luggage tags. Oversized luggage tags can be personalized with a name or initial monogram and an identification card to ensure a lost bag gets delivered to the right place. This is a functional and stylish gift for any business traveler.

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Toiletry Bag

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Have you ever arrived at a hotel after a long journey only to discover that your toiletry items have spilled all over the inside of your suitcase? It is never a fun experience, but even more frustrating when you're trying to quickly freshen up before a business meeting. A high-quality toiletry bag with elastic pouches, interior mesh zippered pockets, and a water-resistant pocket to keep all personal hygiene products safe are a gift business travelers will use — with gratitude — for years and years.

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Multi-Purpose Smartphone Charger

smartphone charger
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Multi-function devices are always appreciated gifts, especially when they cut down on the items you need to lug around when traveling. Look for smartphone chargers that double as a nightlight or alarm clock.

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Bluetooth Keyboard

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If you have a tablet computer that you use for travel, you know how challenging it can be to type long documents and emails on the device. This is why a Bluetooth keyboard is a perfect gift for the traveler on your list. Bluetooth keyboards are light and wireless so they're perfect for working on the road, and they can also make mobile working more comfortable and productive.

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Travel Iron

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It may not be the most exciting gift you could give someone, but a travel iron is a useful and practical gift for any business owner who travels on a regular basis. Look for a travel iron that folds flat for easy and compact storage, has a variable steam control, and comes with a convenient travel bag.

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Portable Charging Station

Charging Station
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Anyone who travels on a regular basis can attest to the importance of keeping your devices charged...and the frustration that hits when you need to plug in and can't locate enough outlets. A portable universal charging station can charge multiple devices simultaneously so you can keep your devices powered up and ready to go when you are.

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Stereo Headphones

Travel Downtime
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Whether your gift recipient enjoys audiobooks, music or movies during travel downtime, stereo headphones are the perfect gift for the traveler on your list. And many come with the added bonus of being noise canceling so the user can block out external noises, which is a must-have when it comes to relaxing during stressful travel.

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Personal Air Purifier

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Frequent business travelers hate the inevitable exposure to germs. A personal air purifier helps kill airborne germs and odors while adding fresh air to personal breathing space. Because ​they're small, they travel easily. It's a great gift and a great way to keep your favorite business traveler healthy.