10 Tips for Building Your Radio Brand On and Off Air

When you build a radio brand, you help fight the perception that all radio stations are the same - with too many commercials and not enough music or other content. Take action to help you and your station stand out in a cluttered market. Use these 10 tips for building your radio brand on and off air.

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Discover the Art of Radio Formats

A photo of a radio transmission tower
While the airwaves are cluttered with radio stations, the best are those that stick to a successful radio format. Photo © Halfdark / Getty Images

Building a successful radio station involves more than just playing music. By following a radio format, you tailor your station's programming and image to reach the audience you want. That will not only boost your ratings but help you win advertising dollars in your market.

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Rule the Airwaves as a Memorable Radio Personality

A photo of a radio announcer at a microphone
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Everyone whose voice is heard on the radio can be called an announcer, but not everyone makes the leap in being a true radio personality. By building your personal on-air brand, you can separate yourself from your competitors -- both at your station and in your city. Rise above the others to become more valuable to your station and earn a fatter paycheck.

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Host a Successful Radio Remote Broadcast

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Photo © Patrick Koslo / Getty Images

Leaving the security of a radio studio to take a show on the road requires a special set of skills. Mastering face-to-face contact will boost yourself and your station in the minds of your listeners. They will put a face to the voice and remember both more easily.

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Build a Winning Radio Website

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These days, your online radio brand is almost as important as what you do on the air. Give your listeners reasons to come to your website by offering exclusive content, ways to interact with your station and special deals from your top advertisers. You will forge a stronger bond with your audience members even when they're away from their radios.

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Create an Internet Radio Station

A photo of a computer with music equipment
Internet radio gives you the chance to broadcast without the need of a license or a transmitter. Photo © Getty Images

Who says you have to be a media mogul to own a radio station? With the right tools, you can create your own radio station on the Internet. This is your chance to be the boss of a virtual station that can attract listeners around the globe without the need for a broadcast license or a transmission tower.

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Learn the Secrets of Radio Show Prep

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The amount of radio showprep that's done before a show hits the air can determine whether it's popular with the audience. Photo © Luciano-ET / stock.xchng

The most popular radio programs may sound spontaneous, but they require a lot of preparation long before hitting the airwaves. Part of that work involves tweaking your content to reach specific audiences and deciding whether to pay someone to supply jokes or another material is worth it. The time you spend answering these questions will pay dividends when your show goes live.

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See the Most Viewed Radio Station Logos

A photo of a New York City radio station logo
A radio station logo is a visual way to promote your radio brand image. Photo © Getty Images

Part of your radio brand is your station logo. The colors, font, and style you choose to tell your potential listeners a lot about what they can expect to hear on your airwaves. Look through these popular radio logos to see for yourself the image the stations are seeking.

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Produce Your Own Radio Jingles

A photo of a woman singing into a microphone in a sound studio
Radio jingles that you create yourself are a powerful tool to build your radio brand. Photo © Comstock / Getty Images

Radio jingles are nearly as old as radio itself. A short, easy-to-remember series of notes and words will create a permanent brand impression on your audience. You don't have to pay someone to produce these jingles for you -- make them yourself with free or low-cost software.

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Work Off-the-Air in Radio

A photo of a businessman behind his office desk
Off-air radio jobs can be a successful career option for those who don't want to be behind a microphone. Photo © Comstock / Getty Images

Some of the most successful people in radio never sit behind the microphone. You can have a fulfilling career choosing the music your station plays, selling advertising or managing a radio staff. The people occupying the executive suite may not have the on-air recognition of the announcers, but they get to make the important decisions to chart the course of a radio station.

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Get 7 Tips from an Old Pro about Working in Radio

A photo of an old-fashioned radio dial
Radio pros who've been behind the microphone for decades have valuable experiences to share with those who want to be successful in radio today. Photo © porah / stock.xchng

The best advice about building your radio brand comes from the people who've spent decades in the industry. They're the ones who've witnessed the transition from AM to FM and the new competition from Internet and satellite music services. Their first-hand experiences will help you know whether the radio is the career for you.