How to Build Skateboard Ramps and Obstacles

Step by step instructions on building skateboarding ramps, rails, boxes and more

For skaters, bikers, and anyone else who wants to have fun on their own terms, check out this ever-growing list of our step-by-step instructions on how to build ramps, obstacles, rails and more! These instructions include what tools and materials you need, blueprints, and easy to follow instructions.

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Owning Skateboard Ramps and Obstacles 101

First off, you should be aware of what owning your own ramps and obstacles may entail.  This article covers how to care for your skate obstacles and ramps, legal issues, and advice.  It's a good place to start​ before you jump into building.

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How to Build a Skateboard Kicker Ramp

A kicker ramp is one of the easiest ramps to build, and one of the cheapest! Kicker ramps are perfect for launching yourself, getting some air and doing tricks. The kicker skateboard ramp that you will build with these instructions will come out to 6 feet long, 4 feet wide and a foot and a half tall.

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How to Build a Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp

A quarter pipe ramp is the main ramp most skaters want to have. You can easily use this quarter pipe ramp for bike tricks, scooters, or anything else.  The 3' quarter pipe isn't a quick and easy project, but it's completely doable at home. The quarter pipe skateboard ramp that you will build with these instructions will be 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The transition is a little less steep at a 6'-0 radius.

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How to Build a Skateboard Grind Rail

Having your own grind rail that you can pull out whenever you want is the best way to get better at balance and grinding.  Building your own grind rail is easier than you might imagine, all except for the welding... But a wobbly grind rail is NOT what you want!

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How to Build a Skateboard Grind Box

Grind boxes are GREAT for pushing your skateboarding of.  These step by step plans show you how to build your own skateboard grind box. If you follow these instructions, you'll end up with a skateboard grind ledge that's 8' long, 2' wide and 1' tall. This project should cost less than a hundred bucks, and less than a day of work to build.

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How to Build a Launch Ramp

For skaters and bikers who really want to add some excitement to their sessions, check out these instructions for how to make a launch ramp! A launch ramp is similar to a quarter pipe but made so that you can fly off the end (so no coping or deck). These instructions are for a launch ramp six feet long, two and a half feet wide and two and a half feet tall.

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How to Build a Manual Pad

Manual pads are the easiest skateboarding obstacle to build.  These instructions are for a 4' by 8' manual pad, but you can adjust the measurements to make any size of a manny pad that you'd like.  This should be the cheapest building project I have on this site, running you much less than $100 US.  It's the perfect beginner project.