Brazilian Love Songs

A Compilation of Tracks To Say I Love You In Portuguese

How to say I love you in Portuguese? The answer is Eu te amo. However, the following list of Brazilian love songs can help you to say even much more than that. Besides the exhilarating beats of Samba and Pagode, Brazilian music has been shaped by some of the most romantic melodies ever written in Latin music. From "O Ultimo Romantico" to "Eu Sei Que Eu Vou Te Amar," this is a Brazilian playlist for those who want to say I love you in Portuguese.

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Lulu Santos - “O Ultimo Romantico”

Photo Courtesy WEA Latina
Photo Courtesy WEA Latina. Photo Courtesy WEA Latina

Lulu Santos is one of the most charismatic singers in Brazilian music. "O Ultimo Romantico" (The Last Romantic) is a song that reaffirms love. This single is an open call to live and love without fears. Definitely, an uplifting song for those who want to love without barriers.

  • Featured sentence: "Tolice e viver a vida assim, sem aventura" (There is no sense in living life without adventure).
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Antonio Carlos Jobim – “So Tinha De Ser Com Voce”

Photo courtesy UMG Recordings
Photo courtesy UMG Recordings. Photo courtesy UMG Recordings

From Elis & Tom, probably the best Bossa Nova album in history, "So Tinha De Ser Com Voce" is one of the most romantic Brazilian songs ever recorded by Elis Regina. This tune, which was written by the amazing Antonio Carlos Jobim, has a Jazzy flavor to it that marks the whole melody in a perennial way.

  • Featured sentence: "Eu sempre fui so de voce. Voce sempre foi so de mim" (I was always only yours. You were always only mine).
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Cateano Veloso - “Voce E Linda”

Photo Courtesy Verve Records
Photo Courtesy Verve Records. Photo Courtesy Verve Records

Few artists can compete with the romantic style of Caetano Veloso. His delicate voice and enormous talent as a songwriter have placed Caetano Veloso as one of the most essential Brazilian artists in history. "Voce E Linda" is just one of the many romantic songs Caetano Veloso has produced throughout his music career. A beautiful tune full of allegoric messages that made of this track a poem of love.

  • Featured sentence: "Voce e linda, mais que demais" (You are beautiful, more than anyone).
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Maria Bethania - “Negue”

Photo Courtesy Universal Latino
Photo Courtesy Universal Latino. Photo Courtesy Universal Latino

In terms of Brazilian love songs, this is one of the most honest singles ever written in Brazilian music. We all know that love is not always about happiness. With her powerful voice, Maria Bethania was able to transform this painful song into an incredible tune that dignifies the person who is suffering. "Negue" is definitely one of the best romantic Brazilian songs in history.

  • Featured sentence: "Diga que já não me quer. Negue que me pertenceu. Que eu mostro a boca molhada ainda marcada pelo beijo seu" (Tell me that you do not love me anymore. Tell me that you were never mine. That I show my wet mouth still marked by a kiss from you).
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Cartola – “Nos Dois”

Photo Courtesy BMG Brasil
Photo Courtesy BMG Brasil. Photo Courtesy BMG Brasil

To many, the name of Cartola does not say anything. However, this amazing songwriter passed to history as an authentic myth of Brazilian music. Although, Cartola was better known for the Samba songs he produced, he also wrote many romantic melodies. "Nos Dois" have the right words for a couple that is about to marry.

  • Featured sentence: "So nos dois, apenas dois, eternamente" (Just the two of us, just two, forever).
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Tom Jobim - “Falando De Amor”

Photo Courtesy Caravelas
Photo Courtesy Caravelas. Photo Courtesy Caravelas

"Falando De Amor" (Talking About Love) is another amazing romantic song by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This track is plain beautiful and it is difficult to think about another song that can say so much about love. One of the best versions of this songs is the one by the Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum.

  • Featured sentence: "Foi pra ti meu coracao" (My heart was for you).
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Roberto Carlos - “Detalhes”

Photo courtesy Sony Music Latin
Photo courtesy Sony Music Latin. Photo courtesy Sony Music Latin

Thanks to all the exposure Roberto Carlos has given to Brazilian music, he is usually known as the King of Brazilian music. "Detalhes" is a point of reference for romantic music in Brazil. An eternal song, that knows no boundaries in the realm of Brazilian love songs. This is probably the best song that Roberto Carlos has ever produced.

  • Featured sentence: "Detalhes tao pequenos de nos dois, sao coisas muito grandes pra esquecer" (Those very little details of us, are very big things to forget).
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Pixinguinha - “Carinhoso”

Photo Courtesy StreetBeat Records
Photo Courtesy StreetBeat Records. Photo Courtesy StreetBeat Records

"Carinhoso" is a common word for both Portuguese and Spanish languages that is often difficult to translate into English. This word is, in fact, one of the most beautiful and tender words in these languages. In simple words, "Carinhoso" refers to someone who cares about the other. The lyrics of this song honors this special word in Portuguese language.

  • Featured sentence: "Vem sentir o calor dos labios meus, a procura dos teus" (Come to feel the warmth of my lips looking for yours).
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Tim Maia - “Um Dia De Domingo”

Photo Courtesy Ovacao
Photo Courtesy Ovacao. Photo Courtesy Ovacao

"Um Dia De Domingo" is one of the most famous Brazilian love songs in the world. The most popular version of this single is probably the one produced by Tim Maia and Gal Costa. This song is just plain beautiful and the lyrics are timeless.

  • Featured sentence: "Eu preciso te falar. Te encontrar de qualquer jeito" (I need to talk to you. I need to find you no matter what).
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Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim - “Eu Sei Che Eu Vou Te Amar”

Photo Courtesy Believe
Photo Courtesy Believe. Photo Courtesy Believe

After all the songs mentioned before, is there any other way to say I love you in Portuguese? The answer is yes. "Eu Sei Che Eu Vou Te Amar" is probably the best Brazilian love songs ever written. This track is the result of the most amazing collaboration work in Brazilian music that brought together Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

  • Featured sentence: "Eu sei que vou te amar por toda a minha vida eu vou te amar" (I know I will love you for all my life I will love you).