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Brandon is the founder and CEO of a personal styling app called Everywear. She has been the editor-in-chief of many magazines and websites, so she is no stranger to doling out fashion and style advice. While she loves sitting front row at fashion shows and putting together fashion shoots, her driving force has always been to define what style means to real women with varying bodies and budgets.  She lives by this mantra from Oscar de la Renta: "Never confuse what's on the runway with real style.” She is most passionate about styling real life women who run errands, hang out with their friends, go to the grocery store and have work lives.    

The life of a fashion magazine editor is glamorous, but it can be too removed from what women actually wear. Brandon hopes her personal style pieces will help women with their everyday looks.  She has found that it is really easy to put together a versatile, wear-anywhere wardrobe without having to sacrifice a sense of individuality or excitement. 


Brandon is the founder and CEO of a personal styling app called Everywear. Along with her team of editors, she interacts with women to see what they have in their closets and decides what pieces they really need to achieve great style.

Previously, Brandon has written, edited and styled countless pieces about fashion and style at magazines like Lucky, Ellegirl, GQ, Shine, and Jane.


Brandon graduated from Barnard with a BA in American History and a healthy dose of French Lit and Art History. After graduation, she was supposed to go to law school, but instead started bartending at Max Fish and writing a book called A Girl's Guide to Muscle Cars: How to Find Them, Fix Them and Race Them. One of her regulars was the editor of Paper magazine and he gave her a shot at writing an article about a car swap meet. She couldn't believe she was getting paid to tell stories about topics she was interested in. Good-bye, law school; hello, magazine job: fact-checking at Rolling Stone. 

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