Can You Relate To These Boozy Memes About Wine?

It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

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Wine Lovers, This One's For You!

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Chances are, you (or someone you know) are a big fan of drinking wine. The beverage has been around since 4100 B.C.; it's referenced constantly in the Bible, and the ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped the god of wine on the regular.

One doesn't have to be a connoisseur in order to enjoy one of mankind's oldest (and most delicious) inventions, either. In fact, these days there are so many affordable options that anyone can find a wine to fit their budget, even broke Millennials.

Online, wine has developed a subculture of its own, and making jokes about how much wine we put away is standard operating procedure. Ladies in particular are known to enjoy the vino. Let's face it, wine is considered to be a bit classier than guzzling pints of beer with the fellas, but the result is the same: We all get dri-zunk. Here are some funny wine memes that anyone who enjoys cracking open a nice bottle (or box - we're not picky) will totally understand!

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We're Not Snobs

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But we do enjoy getting plastered with our pinkies extended. 

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Grandpa Is Not Messing Around

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Wine may get more mellow with age, but these grandparents sure didn't!

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Just One Glass

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So what if it's a bathtub-sized glass? Let's not be nitpickers. 

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Success Kind Knows What's Up

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Problem is, after a few glasses of wine everybody looks like a winner.

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Chemistry Cat Has Done The Calculations

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Those of us who have suffered through a skull-crushing red wine hangover might disagree with you here, Chem Cat.

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The Late, Great J.C.

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If it was good enough for Jesus, who are we to turn down a nice glass of wine? You could say that not drinking wine is positively sacrilegious. Better not chance it.

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See? Philosoraptor understands.

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Tina Fey For The Win

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Poets, take a seat, because this is  one of the best quotes about wine ever written.

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A Day Without Wine?

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Wine not have a glass? Just a small one. 

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Help Dory Find Some Wine

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This is the meme that goes around after every major drinking holiday, from New Year's Eve to Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Suddenly we all have short term memory loss when it comes to nursing our hangovers.

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Wine Racks? Pshaw.

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Seriously, it's always amazing when people just have wine in a rack like this. Why bother? Just buy a bottle, drink it, recycle the bottle; rinse and repeat. What is this "saving it for a rainy day" stuff? 

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"Air Quotes"


Oh yes, let's just open this bottle and drink ONE GLASS. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

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It's True!

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How many of us can personally vouch for the veracity of this statement?

*everyone raises hands in unison* 

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Wine Wednesday Sounds Pretty Good

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Too bad Wine Wednesday often turns into Thunderous-Headache Thursday. 

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I Will Find You!

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Forget Tinder, THIS is the correct way to find a soul mate with whom you have a lot in common. 

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This Is So Me

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This is a real design you can get on a t-shirt on Etsy. Check it out right here. You're welcome!

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Yeah, "In College"

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Just about everyone feels foolish doing that whole "sniff the cork" routine. 

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Right You Are, My Good Man

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Why bother being poetic when you can be drunk? 

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Let Me Just Consider It For A Mo-- Okay I'm Done.

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Lucy and Ethyl are funny and all, but drinking wine at 8 AM can lead to nothing good. Except for a nap, perhaps. Naps are good. 

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Only 99%?

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What happened to that other 1%? Time to up your game, weather forecasters. We demand a 100% chance of wine or nothing at all!

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Now get out there and buy yourself a nice bottle of wine, folks! It's five o'clock somewhere, and no matter what you're only 5 days away from a weekend. Sounds like a good excuse to tie one on in the classiest way possible!


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