Boots Most Preferred by Forest Pros

woman hiking in woods

 Getty Images / Jordan Siemens

In a discussion ending with a vote with loggers, foresters and forest owners, I offer you these recommendations for purchasing forestry, logging, or hiking boots. I also want to post this information along with links to purchase boots from these recommended companies at competitive prices and online. Although many boot companies sell only through retail distributors and catalogs, you can purchase most of the boots right from this feature.

The professional "promoters" of these boots have had years of experience in the woods and, to my knowledge, have no particular connection to any of the boot companies. I asked for their opinion and have listed the top boots in order of popularity according to a poll that has been on my site for years.

With that out of the way, let's look at some of the forestry's favorite boots.

The Top Boots For Forest Work and Recreation

Voted #1 - Danner Boots. The Danner Shoe Company continues to manufacture a complete line of hiking, fishing, hunting, uniform, and work boots in their 30,000 square foot factory in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. The Danner wholesales to specialty retail stores and mail-order companies throughout the country and has one company-owned factory retail outlet.

"I prefer Danner Boots...they sell insulated, non-insulated, etc. and they are a top quality boot." - STEVE SWANSON 1976

Voted #2 - White's Boots (buy women's only from Amazon). White's Boots Company has been manufacturing White's, Buffalo, and Hathorn Boots for over a century. Foresters, firefighters, linemen, loggers, and active hunter and hikers who simply enjoy the outdoors have been White's customer base. White's specialty is in hand-crafting boots for customers requiring a custom fit to their exact specifications, utilizing a tri-dimensional fitting process to ensure proper measure.

"I only wear White's Boots and use Obenaughes oil. Spendy but nice........" - RECYCLE1

Voted #3 - Herman Survivor Boots. Herman Survivors boots sales and customer service are available only from Wal-Mart and are considered a budget boot (which probably had a lot to do with its high vote). I have owned several Herman survivors but only had a good experience with the Buffalo steel-toe boot and the engineer style.

Voted #4 - Red Wing Boot. From a tiny corner shop started in 1905 in Red Wing Minnesota, the Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. has grown into a respected manufacturer of working boots and shoes as is confirmed by talking to loggers and foresters. Four facilities and hundreds of craftspeople making thousands of pairs by hand each day keep up with supplying a good boot at a fair price.

"Red Wings and Herman Survivors are good and they are a little cheaper than Whites... Wear'em every day, even to meetings and when I'll be in the office all day." - PHORESTER

Voted #5 - Chippewa Boot Chippewa Boots, Inc. started with only logger boots in 1901 and are pioneers in manufacturing woods grade boots. They claim to use only the "best materials, the best construction techniques, and the most innovative technology" to build a boot. The result -- as is attested to by a loyal group of hikers and foresters -- are the best boots around.

Here are companies that did not make the pole's favorite ranking. Still, I believe they are good companies with a quality product and provide exceptional boot value per dollar spent.

Honorable Mention #1 - Rocky Boots Headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio, Rocky Shoes and Boots, Inc. provide quality outdoor and occupational footwear since 1932. Nearly 30,000 retail and catalog outlets carry ROCKY® footwear.

Honorable Mention #2 - Georgia Boots For over 60 years Georgia Boot has been a leader in the work footwear market. Based in Nelsonville, Ohio, the company manufactures and markets quality work and outdoor footwear. Georgia Boot's safety footwear meets the highest safety standards set by OSHA.

Honorable Mention #3 - Wolverine Boots Established in 1883 in Rockford, Michigan, Wolverine made original boots that helped build the railroads, erect skyscrapers, and expand highways across North America. Wolverine is a great boot company but just not caught on with forestry and logging types.

Honorable Mention #4 - Timberland Boots Timberland is a global supplier of boots. Timberland services retail stores throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and the Middle East. The Timberland PRO line of boots is specially designed gear for working professional craftspeople.