18 Cooks Who Don't Know How To Spell

18 "Gore-May" Cooks Who Don't Know How To Spell

bone apple tea meme
Via @sochillspencer on Imgur.

"Bone smack the teeth." "Bone apple tea." These are just two of the hilarious misspellings of a common culinary phrase to be found on internet food sites.

People misspelling words on the internet is hardly new, but misspelling foreign food-related words has reached trend-worthy proportions. It all started when somebody meant to post a picture of their dinner along with the French expression "bon appétit." Instead of spelling it correctly, they spelled it phonetically as "bone apple teeth," and the mistake became an instant meme.

Most likely this error was yet another case of autocorrect gone wrong or it happened because the poster don't enunciate clearly enough when speaking into their phone. Either way, it seems to have sparked a slew of posts—all satirical, we hope—in which posters just can't quite spell—or correct—their "werds." Check out 17 of the funniest social media examples of "gore-may" chefs whose culinary creations look to be as bad as their English.

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Fido's Specialty: Cinemabuns!

boneless feet
Via Know Your Meme.

If he hadn't told us these were "cinemabuns" we would have sworn that they had been collected from the grassy area of his neighborhood dog park. But enough about that, what about boneless feet?

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The Mustard Adds That Extra Dose of Nausea

Blonde Amputee
Via Pleated-Jeans.

Oh, this is good. Not only is "blonde amputee" the most creative misspelling of bon appétite so far, Kraft American Singles shilled as "aged cheddar" is snort-your-drink hilarious. The final "spritz" of mustard is just plain genius sauce.

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Your Cooking Is Supreme...ly Disgusting

bone cap it tweet
Via Twitter/@savagewarehouse.

Mmm, beans with a side of Froot Loops. This is the perfect meal for those who want to get more protein in their diets, but also hate themselves. Then again, we suspect this might be a meal of choice with college students everywhere. Just add your favorite sugary treat.

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What Did Poor Ed and Mami Ever Do To You?

ed and mami
Via Twitter @stopitcarlos.

What does "bone queef the teeth" even mean? We have no idea. However, always say yes to edamame and no to queefing. Always.

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Chef Boy Yard Tea

chef boy yard tea
Via Dumpaday.

Who wants a nice crunchy DVD sandwich with mustard? The fact that it's a "Shrek" DVD means it's extra oniony.*

*Because ogres have layers, remember? Anyone? *Crickets*

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You Bone Your Ape Tit, We'll Bone Ours

bone ape tit
Via Pleated-Jeans.

There are cooking fails that make our stomachs turn, and then there's whatever this mess is. Satire or not, we feel bad for the banana. It's a terrible thing to waste.

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Is This Even Technically English?

quack then Moley
Via @LordAndSaviorSatan on Imgur.

If you're going to jump into the social media satire game, you need to be better than this. Which means, you need to use actual words in a way that makes actual—if funny—sense. While we appreciate the effort here, "nart" isn't a word, and "scone app the beef" is just downright lazy. Although, is is just us or do these nart chose actually look kind of yummy?

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Keep Your Hands off My Pony, Man

blind refugees
Via @hood_videos on Instagram.

There's nothing like a big steaming bowl full of smack the pony and leave. It's a childhood staple, no aged cheddar necessary.

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She Got Those Apple Phone Jeans and the Boots With the Furrrrr

phone apple jeans
Via @thenickcolletti on Twitter.

What's so bad about putting ketchup on eggs and wrapping them in a tortilla? Hundreds of thousands of college students and bachelors do it every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But kudos, Nick, for "phone apple jeans." Steve Jobs must be rolling over somewhere, wishing he'd thought of them.

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American Cheese With a Side of Osteoporosis

Via Know Your Meme.

This was most likely an autocorrect fail—the person might have said, "bon appétit" but the phone heard "bone atrophy"—and then took the initiative to substitute that with osteoporosis.

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Phil, Get Your Darn Leg Minion off of My Plate

ass pegasus
Via @sashadalifranco on Pinterest.

Ass pegasus, people. Ass pegasus. If you don't start calling asparagus "ass pegasus" exclusively from now on, we will be most disappointed. It's like we don't even know you anymore.

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Spa Gets Tea, But I Prefer Coffee

Spa Gets Tea
Via iFunny.

This person is definitely trying to mess with us, right? They can't be serious here. Also, that plate of spa gets tea looks downright delicious.

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Bone App the Teeth!

Via @speculation on Twitter.

This photo shows both corn and bread, so what's your problem? He's not wrong. Don't be such a food snob.

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Just Like Mom Used to Make

banana bread
Via Sizzle.

Oh, come on. This is just getting silly. And we're starting to get upset at all the food gone to waste in the service of comedy. Plus, it would have been much funnier to have left the banana unpeeled.

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Bob a Car Tit? We Would, but We Have a Prior Engagement

spain ghetto balls
Via @homebrewedmemes.

This folks are definitely having a laugh. But we do reserve the right to use "Spain ghetto balls" in place of spaghetti for the foreseeable future.

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I Like My Chicken Waxy, Like My Men

boney african feet
Via @dragonflyer223 on Reddit.

Boney African feet and Roman attics in a single meme? Brilliant! This might be our favorite so far. Although, please, get your feet off our dining table, boney or not.

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Okay, Now We KNOW They're Messing With Us

chick-ken-nude-doll soup
Via @ElrodHayden on Twitter.

This might have been the exact moment that we realized that the meme has gone meta. So keep on working on not sucking at spelling (and cooking), friends! We believe in you.