5 Body Shaping, Flaw Erasing Jeans

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The right body shaping jeans can do wonders for your silhouette. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
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Body Contouring Denim That Works Like Shapewear

Some jean styles are designed to flatter your figure.
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For many women, shapewear (such as Spanx) is an essential part of our daily outfits. So, imagine the money and time you could save if your jeans did double-duty, providing body shaping benefits along with trendy style. The great news is that some major denim brands now offer body shaping jeans that are designed to do just that.

Whether you want a flatter tummy, slimmer thighs or a better backside, these jeans are meant to give you the silhouette you crave in denim, and make you look like you spent hours at the gym — at a lower cost than a fitness club membership. Check out these body shaping jeans that make you look and feel slimmer in jeans, while still checking all the fashion boxes.

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NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans)

NYDJ Superskinny Pull On Knit Jean
NYDJ Superskinny Pull On Knit Jean. NYDJ

The NYDJ denim brand has made their reputation on jeans that flatter curvier figures. The magic starts right in the fabric — NYDJ jeans have an unusually high percent of Spandex in their patented exclusive Lift Tuck® Technology fabric blend (4% as compared to the usual 1-2%). The result is an extremely stretchy denim pant that conforms tightly to curves to hold everything firmly in place, while being very comfy to wear — and making you look and feel one size smaller. To tackle tummy concerns specifically, all NYDJ jeans feature a signature panel and cross-stitching in the front, designed to contain and flatten a woman's midsection.

NYDJ jeans are available in a variety of washes and fits, including cropped jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg, and boyfriend styles, with or without distressed details. You'll also find petite jeans, regular and plus-sized denim from this popular brand.

Price range: From about $90 - $140

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Visit the NYDJ website.

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J Brand Photo Ready Jeans

J Brand Photo Ready Jeans Alana Crop
J Brand

J Brand's Photo Ready denim collection for women is a top-selling series for the brand. These jeans are constructed to lift and contour a woman's body, producing the same effect as wearing shapewear under your jeans.

Made of high quality stretch denim fabric with up to 6% Lycra, these jeans basically photoshop your figure, to create an ultra-slimming effect on your tushy, thighs, and bottom. The high degree of Lycra (aka Spandex or elastane) in these jeans means that they also have great "recovery", meaning they won't bag out  at the knees and butt when you wear them.

The Photo Ready comes in a range of jeans fits, including skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, a bootcut style, and cropped jeans. These are available in a range of colors, from inky black to optic white, classic dark blue jeans, and even fun colors and patterns.

Price range: From about $200 - $300

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Visit the J Brand Jeans website.

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Yummie Denim

Yummie by Heather Thomson Jeans
Yummie by Heather Thomson Jeans. Yummie by Heather Thomson

Yummie Jeans are the brainchild of founder and "Real Housewives" alumni Heather Thomson, who created her clothing line to help women look and feel their best. With Yummie Denim, Heather wanted to create figure-flattering jeans that multi-tasking moms could wear from playdates to date nights. Made of a soft, stretch denim fabric (with 1% Spandex in the blue jeans, 2% in the black denim styles), these jeans lift and shape the body while being comfortable to wear.

Yummie jeans all come in a mid-rise fit. Every style also includes a contour waistband, that follows the body's curves, sitting higher in the back to provide good rear end coverage (this also gives you a waist whittling effect). Meanwhile, strategic fading on the thigh and hip areas of these jeans work to make you look slimmer overall.

Yummie jeans are available in skinny jean, slim bootcut versions, and a slim straight leg cut, in a variety of washes from faded blue to dark indigo and black jeans. Some styles also come with trendy distressing, for a modern vibe.

Price range: About $90

Visit the Yummie website.

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Levi's 300 Shaping Jeans

Levi's 300 shaping series jeans

Levi's 300 Shaping Series is an innovative approach to denim fit from the brand that invented jeans. The 300 Shaping jeans offer Levi's customers the latest body shaping technology from the brand, in a variety of denim fits to suit everyone's personal style -- including attractive plus-size options (as pictured here).

Designed to make the most of real women's bodies, these Levi's jeans act like shapewear to flatten the tummy, lengthen legs and lift the rear end. The secret to this body shaping effect is in the patented technology the brand uses to treat the stretch denim fabric, which regulates the level of stretch in targeted areas. This provides structure and a figure-hugging shape to the jean, rather than simply uniform stretch, resulting in a body shaping jean that acts more like shapewear than traditional denim.

Levi's 300 Shaping Jeans are available in skinny, slim, straight leg and bootcut styles, in a range of washes from faded blue to true blue, indigo and black. The brand also offers this style in a well-made plus size version.

Price range: From about $90 - $100

Visit the Levi's Jeans website

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Spanx Jeans by Heather Blakely

Spanx denim leggings
Spanx denim leggings. Spanx

If you've ever wished your jeans came with built-in shapewear, you'll be cheered to hear that the Spanx brand by Heather Blakely offers a denim collection for women. Spanx jeans (or "jeggings") are constructed of super-stretch, premium denim (3% elastane) with the brand's popular, concealed body-shaping technology.

Designed to pull on easily, and made with a built-in tummy panel, Spanx jeggings are great for shaping your figure and smoothing your curves. If you're self-conscious about your lower body, you'll love these jeans for their leg-lengthening look and tummy flattening powers. They're also designed to hit at your natural waist, for good coverage and no muffin top.

You can shop the Spanx Denim website for a variety of slim-fitting styles. Their popular  "Jeanish" legging has faux front pockets and functional back pockets, to offer the look of a classic 5-pocket jean. This is available in regular, plus-size, and a popular maternity jegging style.

Price range: From about $100 - $110

Visit the Spanx website