Body Moisturizer Tips

How to Keep Your Body Moisturized

Woman applying lotion
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Anyone who has suffered from dry skin knows the moisturizer aisle at their local drugstore pretty well. Here, I discuss the best moisturizers from drugstores (no need to buy fancy moisturizers), my favorite organic body moisturizers and I give you all my secret tips on how to keep your body and face properly moisturized.

The Best Way to Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the key to soft, supple skin. Apply product when skin is slightly damp.

For best effect, pat skin dry instead of rubbing with your towel before applying lotions or oils.

If you choose body oils over lotions, towel off the excess oils before you slip into clothes or between sheets.

I Love Oils Even More Than Creams

It's common for French women to use oils on the face. Dewy skin is always youthful and there's nothing quite like an oil or a serum to produce that shiny, glowy skin. Right now I'm into using a wet washcloth soaked in extra virgin coconut oil. I massage my face with the washcloth in a circular motion. I love how it gets rid of the dead skin while moisturizing at the same time. 

I'm a huge fan of body oils and have a sweet spot for coconut and almond oils, but extra virgin olive oil is also excellent.

For non-fans of Rachael Ray and her cooking shows, "E-V-O-O" means extra virgin olive oil, which, it turns out, is AMAZING for super dry, dehydrated skin or skin suffering the effects of anti-aging product overuse.

In Harper's Bazaar, LA cosmetic dermatologist Jessica Wu suggests slathering on a thin layer at night.

Ever since I turned 35 and started using Retin-A religiously, my previously oily skin turned dry. My skin has never looked better but there's not an ounce of oil left in it. I've been combatting this with very expensive moisturizers (like Yonka's PampleMousse), but this morning I tried EVOO.

The catch is to use a non-flavored oil. My face felt pretty oily at first, but I wiped off the excess with super-soft Puff's and the result is perfectly oiled skin. My sunscreen glided over it perfectly. So EVOO gets two big thumbs up from me.

The Best Moisturizers

In my article, "Should You Splurge or Save on Moisturizers and Cleansers," I explain why you don't need to spend a lot of money on a great moisturizer. Even the best dermatologists recommend basic moisturizers you can find in the average drugstore.

For a list of the best options, see the Best Moisturizers for the Body.

Organic Moisturizers

The skin on my legs can drive me crazy with itchiness all year round. I find I prefer oils to lotions on for the body and there are many amazing organic options when it comes to oils.

Renowned makeup artist Pati Lubroff got me hooked on organic extra virgin coconut oil, which you can buy in health food stores or online. Simply massage the coconut oil all over the body after your shower and towel off the excess. Some women like to use the oil in the shower rinsing the excess oil off (it will get on your clothes and sheets). The oil soaks into skin, trapping moisture but the water washes away the excess leaving skin dewy and baby soft.

You can use baby oils or sesame oil on your skin, too, but coconut seems to work the best for me. Trust me, oils will get rid of dry, itchy skin and the oil isn't sticky like lotion tends to be.

Prefer lotion? Consider 100 percent shea butter, another great organic option. You can buy shea butter

More Facial Moisturizer Tips

You'll know you're skin is dehydrated if it feels taut and tight. Try a moisturizing mask every week. See my list of the best store-bought face masks and homemade facial masks.

Get Rid of Cracked, Dry Heels

Don't be caught with dry, cracked heels. To keep your feet supple and soft, see How To Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Heels.

How to Keep Hands Soft

Antibacterial soap in public places can be harsh on hands, so I keep hand salve in my purse (my hands-down favorite is Kiehl's). To keep cuticles soft, massage in olive oil.

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