12 Bob's Burgers Episodes That Show the Best of Tina

Louise is so five minutes ago. But Tina, on Bob's Burgers, is the character everyone is talking about. Tina is the oldest child on Bob's Burgers, the one going through puberty and fantasizing about zombie boys. Tina is the girl who takes charge in her own life, even if she's voiced (perfectly) by Dan Mintz, a man. Mintz's monotone, gruff voice plays up Tina's self-confidence and unwavering attraction to boys, regardless of any obstacles in her way.

Fans picked Tina as their favorite TV character at Entertainment Weekly, and NPR's Monkey See blog recently featured her for her feminism. Here are the twelve most terrific Tina episodes from Bob's Burgers.

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"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"

"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

Tina wants an extra-special birthday party for her thirteenth birthday. But all of her extras are going to cost more than the family can afford. Bob takes a second job driving a taxi at night in order to pay for everything. However, the main reason Tina wants a big party is to lure Jimmy Jr. there. Thanks to Bob twisting Jimmy Pesto's arm, Jimmy Jr. attends the party. Tina tops off the night with a kiss from Jimmy Jr. under the disco globe. Her dream come true. (Season 1)

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"Sexy Dance Fighting"

"Sexy Dance Fighting" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Sexy Dance Fighting" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

A new martial arts studio opens down the street from the restaurant. Gene and Louise lead Tina there, blindfolded, as a surprise. But Tina falls in love with the instructor, who's teaching Capoeira, or as Tina describes it, sexy dance fighting. Her passions burn bright enough to spur Bob into action. It's the first episode when we see Tina's burgeoning womanhood. (Season 1)

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"Food Truckin'"

Food Truckin' - Bob's Burgers
Food Truckin' - Bob's Burgers. FOX

Bob packs up a food truck and heads off to Lolla-Pa-Foods-A. Tina tries on an alias, Dina, for the duration of the festival. Dina swishes her hair and talks about herself in the third person, saying, "Dina is restless," and "Dina only plays offense." She takes trays of samples to the customers lying to all of them about how the burgers are made in order to make sales. As Dina says, "And that's how Dina plays the game." This episode is a great display of Tina's self-confidence and maturity. (Season 2)

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"Bad Tina"

"Bad Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Bad Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

The episode kicks off with the quintessential Tina fantasy: grabbing butts with Jimmy Jr. and a zombie boy. Later, Tina gives the new girl, Tammy, a tour of the school, which includes her boys' locker room peephole. She ends up in detention with Tammy and learns a whole new vocabulary ("snorgasm" and "crap attack") and way of life as a bad girl. (Season 2)

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"Two for Tina"

"Two for Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Two for Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

Tina asks Jimmy Jr. to the school dance. While he's "keeping his options open," Tina runs into Josh, who she shared a kiss with behind the dairy case in "Lindapendent Woman." He immediately asks her to the dance. But when Jimmy Jr. gets jealous, the boys dance-fight for Tina's attention. Tina suggests that she can enjoy both boys' affections (of course), which effectively turns off both of them. (Season 3)

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"The Unnatural"

The Unnatural - Bob's Burgers
Tina gets hooked on espresso. FOX

Tina gets addicted to caffeine after Bob buys an espresso machine. The caffeine gives her enough confidence to ask Jimmy Jr. out on a date. But when the machine is taken away, her withdrawal is even more entertaining. She abuses everyone in sight and even tries to get a fix by drinking coffee grounds and cigarette butts. Ew. (Season 3)

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"Lindapendent Woman"

"Lindapendent Woman" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Lindapendent Woman" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

Tina falls in like with a boy she talks to through the dairy case at the grocery store. She can only identify him, however, by finding the boy who matches the used Band-Aid he leaves behind. (Ew.) She is eventually led to Josh, who is her soul mate. Tina's story is a mix of Cinderella, with the roles reversed, and Cyrano de Bergerac. (Season 3)

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"Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks"

Tina-rannasaurus Wrecks - Bob's Burgers
Tina-rannasaurus Wrecks - Bob's Burgers. FOX

Bob lets Tina drive the car in a parking lot that contains only one car. In one of the most hilarious, and slowest, scenes ever, Tina moans her way into crashing into the lone car. (Think the extended chicken fight scene on Family Guy. The whole thing is so meta. It's hilarious because it takes so long, and the writers know it.) (Season 3)

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"Broadcast Wagstaff School News"

Broadcast Wagstaff School News - Bob's Burgers
Broadcast Wagstaff School News - Bob's Burgers. FOX

After Tina is rejected as the news anchor for the school's TV channel, she vows to use her investigative skills to win back the position. Lucky for her a "Mad Pooper" is on the loose, leaving piles all over school. With Louise's help, she tracks down the serial defecator, who turns out to be Zeke. (Season 3)

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"Mazel Tina"

"Mazel Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Mazel Tina" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

"Mazel Tina" won Bob's Burgers its first primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Program. Tina is in her glory as the party manager for Tammy's bat mitzvah. When she can't find Tammy, she begins taking over Tammy's duties, essentially becoming Tammy, and the life of the party. The best perk is when she takes Tammy's place during the girls' choice dance with Justin. (Season 4)

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"Presto Tina-o"

"Presto Tina-o" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"Presto Tina-o" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

When Jimmy Jr. conjures a stage act as a magician, Tina folds herself into his locker so he'll hire her as his assistant. She realizes, however, that his skills aren't as good as his dancing. When she tries to make suggestions, he fires her and hires (gasp!) Tammy. To get revenge, Tina switches his music tracks to un-danceable music, thus derailing his whole act. In the end, Tina's heart won't let Jimmy Jr. fail, and she steps on stage to save the show. (Season 4)

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"The Equestranauts"

"The Equestranauts" on 'Bob's Burgers'
"The Equestranauts" on 'Bob's Burgers'. FOX

This is Tina in all her glory, and a clever parody of the entire Brony culture that has grown from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Bob agrees to take Tina to a fan convention celebrating The Equestranauts, her favorite pony cartoon show. But Bob winds up in over his head and the Equestricles turn ugly. But it's Tina's excitement (uhhhh) and fantasies that make this episode so fun. (Season 4)