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BoardPusher is a company that offers custom printed skateboards with whatever graphics on them that YOU choose. This means, you can make your deck look like … anything you want!

To try this out, I jumped onto the BoardPusher website, and created a deck for myself. I wanted to see how good the quality was, and how easy it was to use their tools – and I was very impressed.

The online tools are simple, and easy to understand, but very powerful. You can choose backgrounds from a list, any color you can think of, add text in loads of different fonts, easily move things around, tweak, spin, scale – it’s all very easy to do. But the best part is that you can upload your own graphics. Now, the deck is printed at a very high resolution, so you need some pretty huge images if you want to cover the entire deck. But that does mean that you can actually do that if you want to – you can create the image offline, an image that will cover the whole board, and then just use that!

For mine, I used a painting I did a long time ago. I put it on the tail of the deck, and then using Photoshop, I drew colors from the painting to match to a background I chose, along with text I added in two different fonts. Honestly, the tools were VERY easy to use. The only frustration I had was that I couldn’t scale my photo up any larger, but that’s because the image on my computer wasn’t at a high enough resolution. When I got the printed deck, I could see why they require such a high grade picture – the picture is printed without any blurring or pixeling. They use a full color proprietary digital heat transfer process, and it turns out great!

BoardPusher Deck Quality

They say it will take around 10 to 15 days to get your board if you are in the US (mine was faster), and 2 to 4 weeks for international orders. All of the decks come shrink wrapped, and include a sheet of grip tape and some BoardPusher stickers. If your board gets damaged in shipping, they told me they will replace it.

So, this sounds like a dream come true, eh? What could be wrong with it? Well, that all depends on your perspective. Lately, there has been a lot of grumbling from the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) about people not buying decks with pro names stamped on them. They point out that those pros need to be supported, because they push the limits of skateboarding and get more people involved. IASC also argues that buying blank decks and shop decks is killing skateboarding.

There are plenty of other people who argue that this is untrue, and that all these companies want is your money. So, why do I bring this up? Because BoardPusher is pretty much the same thing as buying a shop deck – in fact, on the BoardPusher site there are piles of skateboard shops already using BoardPusher to make their shop decks looks sweet!

There’s no doubt that trends like this will continue to change skateboarding. Skateboarding is always changing, and there are plenty of people out there who would like to have their own custom graphics on their board and who don’t care if pro skaters get paid. The other side of the argument is that BoardPusher decks are good quality, but not TOP quality. Companies like Element and LibTech are always pushing the science and design of skateboard decks, and will continue to have new, unique features that push their boards into the “best” category.

BoardPusher - "I Love the Idea"

And for pure skatability, I recommend BoardPusher decks just fine. I like the one I got. The price is about the same as a regular skateboard deck, so why not give it a shot? And, as Christmas and birthdays approach, keep BoardPusher in mind. Take a look at the BoardPusher website and see what you think – play around with their board design tools, and take a look at decks other people have made. See what you think for yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll like them.

As of 2013, BoardPusher also prints full-bleed graphics onto the longboards and other larger pool decks that we offer. They also added some more longboard components to the site including Abec11 and OJ wheels and Caliber, Paris and Tracker longboard trucks.

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