Black & White Cheats for PC

Infinite miracles, custom attributes, and more cheats for PC

Black & White lets players literally play god. If you're not satisfied with your almighty powers, Black & White has a cheat code that lets you control time, and you can control nearly every aspect of the game by editing certain files.

Cheats in this article apply to the Windows and Mac version.

How to Speed Up or Slow Down Time

At any time while playing, press Alt+1 to slow down time, or press Alt+2 to speed up time.

How to Get Unlimited Water Miracles

After completing the training where you learn how to knock the rock off of the pillar, go back and keep knocking the rock off repeatedly for an endless supply of water miracles.

Secret Miracle Shots in Level 3

Pick up trees around the house near the end of level 3 to uncover hidden miracle shots.

How to Bring Villagers Back to Life

When you send a dead villager through a teleporter, they come out alive as a skeleton on the other side. However, if you pick them up, they will instantly die again. Allow the skeleton to return to its house and rest to regenerate health. The villager will remain a skeleton, but they will behave like a living villager.

How to Improve Village Belief

Causing mass destruction and immediately cleaning it up is an excellent way to make people believe in you. For example, use Fireball on a village, then use Water to put it out and heal any wounded villagers. Rebuild any destroyed buildings to receive a ton of belief points.

How to Edit In-Game Attributes

On your computer, access the Black & White directory by navigating to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Lionhead Studios Ltd. > Black & White. From here, edit certain files using a text editor to change the game attributes.

For example, in the scripts subdirectory, there's a file named Land1. Open it and change the numbers in brackets to alter the different variables such as the amount of food available in your village store.

Use this method to change any parameter in the game. It's possible to set your own radius of influence and delete objects.

Editing game files can cause bugs that make the game unplayable. Save a backup of files you plan to edit in case the changes cause the game to crash.

How to Get Any Creature From the Start

Navigate to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Lionhead Studios Ltd. > Black & White > Data > Ctr to find a list of all creatures in the game. To start with different creatures, change the names of the desired creature files to match the default starting creatures (ape, cow, or tiger).

For example, to start with a horse, rename the BHorse.CBN file to BCow.CBN, then rename the BCow.CBN file to BHorse.CBN. When you start a new game and complete the first creature quest, you'll have a horse instead of a cow.

Save a backup of the original files in a separate folder before renaming them.

How to Make Custom Villagers Names

Locate the names.txt file in the Black & White directory and open it with a text editor such as Notepad. Change the names of villagers to whatever you please.

Do not add more names than the number that appears in the first line of the file or it can cause the game to crash.

April Fools Easter Egg

If you play on April 1, creatures will leave a trail of smiley face footprints as they walk.