Black Memorabilia: Collecting Cookie Jars

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Josephine Baker Cookie Jar

Josephine Baker Cookie Jar. Roger Lewis

Collecting Black cookie jars is popular both with Black Memorabilia collectors and cookie jar collectors, a true cross-collectible. Beware of fakes and reproductions, especially prevalent in Black cookie jars. McCoy is one of the more popular marks put on the fake jars and should be carefully reviewed before bidding.

Although the exact number is not known, very few of these Josephine Baker cookie jars were actually produced. Shelley Buonaiuto said the design was hard to produce and only about 50% of the jars made it out of the molds.

  • Made by: A Little Company
  • Commissioned by: Roger Lewis
  • Issue Price: $300
  • Values: $700+

Note: The prices shown are suggested ranges only. Prices shown are a combination of book values, online auctions and cookie jar dealers. Many times bargains can be found at online auctions and at other times a bidding war can cause greatly inflated prices, and those are not always a true value. Consideration must be taken into account regarding when an auction was held, images were used, its condition, category and description. All of these things can greatly affect the price realized.

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Watermelon Mammy

Watermelon Mammy. Bill Correll

This very rare jar was made by the Pearl China Company in East Liverpool, Ohio.

  • Made by: Pearl China Company
  • Size: 11" tall
  • Values: $2000.+

The Pearl China Company was located in East Liverpool, Ohio in the 1940s through 1958.

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Mixing Bowl Mammy

Mixing Bowl Mammy. Bill Correll

The mixing bowl Mammy came with several different colored polka dots; the jar with red dots is the most valuable.

  • Made by: Metlox
  • Date Issued: 1986 - 1988
  • Size: Approximately 13"
  • Values: $400 - $850* (depending on colors)

Some jars are known to have as many as three different marks, so if your jar does not have the specific mark mentioned, that doesn't mean it's not an authentic Metlox. If you have any doubts, in-depth research is encouraged.

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Topsy Cookie Jar

Topsy. Bill Correll

Topsy Girl comes in several different dress variations. The yellow waistband with dots and blue waistband with dots will bring lower prices.

  • Made by: Metlox
  • Date Issued: 1986 - 1988
  • Size: Approximately 9.5"
  • Values: $300 - $600* (depending on colors)
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Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

Aunt Jemima Hard Plastic. Barbara Crews

Aunt Jemima was acquired by Quaker Oats in the 1920s and is well known for the many Black Memorabilia and advertising premiums throughout the years.

  • Mail-in Premium: 1950s
  • Made by: F&F (Fiedler and Fiedler Mold and Dieworks)
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Size: 12"
  • Values: $300 - $500

This Aunt Jemima jar had two different skin colors, a dark brown and black. Another Aunt Jemima jar, in soft plastic, was also offered as a mail-in premium after this one, still in 1950s.

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Aunt Jemima (Soft Plastic)

Aunt Jemima - Soft Plastic. Barbara Crews

There were two different plastic jars available for Aunt Jemima, this one being not in the best shape with quite a bit of paint wear. Aunt Jemima script is on the apron of this softer plastic jar. This lighter brown Aunt Jemima was the second jar available.

  • Size: Approximately 10"
  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Values: $225 - $325 (in good condition)
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Santa Daddy Cookie Jar

Santa Daddy. Barbara Crews

Clarice Miller's jars all seem to have a story behind them. For this 1950s memory, Clarice remembers her Daddy coming in on Christmas Eve wearing his Santa hat, carrying a large burlap potato sack filled with presents for all the children in the large family.

  • Made by: Clarice Bell Miller
  • Size: 15 1/2" tall
  • Values: $125 - $150
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Rosa Parks Cookie Jar

Rosa Parks Jar. Barbara Crews

More than 50 years ago, Rosa Parks quietly made a statement. She wouldn't move from her seat when asked to move to the back of the bus and stand up. Today Rosa Parks' name is known around the world as the woman who made headlines by not getting up from her bus seat.

  • Made by: A Little Company
  • Commissioned by: Roger Lewis
  • Issued: 2000/2001
  • Size: Approximately 13½" X 14" wide
  • Values: $350+

Roger Lewis, Black Memorabilia and Art dealer, was personally acquainted with Rosa Parks for many years. It was a personal tragedy that brought them together where they became acquainted and remained friends. When Lewis first approached Parks about doing a cookie jar "sculpture" in her honor, she agreed and the rights were secured. Lewis reports that she was "just tickled pink" with the results, and you can see why when comparing the jar to pictures of Rosa Parks.

Lewis, who formerly commissioned a Josephine Baker jar, went to A Little Company for the sculpture, designs and crafting of the jar. Together they came up with another great Black jar. It is an extremely lifelike jar; when you first see it and give it a closer inspection, it does nothing to diminish that "wow" feeling.

For more information on the Rosa Parks jar, contact Roger Lewis.

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Robertson's Golden Shred Jar

Robertson's Golden Shred. Barbara Crews

This small jar accompanies a vintage advertisement for Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade. Golliwog was created in 1895 by Florence Upton, but the image and character were not copyrighted and soon became a popular character in the U.K. Robertson's started using Golliwog as their mascot in the early 1900s and he remained a very popular mascot for almost 100 years. The company quit using Golliwog in 2001.

  • Marks: Made in England
  • Size: 7"
  • Values: $40 - $75
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Black Little Girl

Little Girl. Barbara Crews

The pink portions of the Black Little Girl jar are cold-painted, hence the paint flakes on the front of the dress.

  • Sold by: Sears & Roebuck
  • Size: Approx. 10"
  • Marks: Sears and Roebuck Co. 1978 Japan
  • Values: $300 - $400
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Watermelon Sammy

eBay Seller CD111

From Carol Gifford's set of five limited edition Black jars, this jar was the first issue in the series. Others include Watermelon Mammy, Pancake Mammy, Rocking Chair Granny and The Butler. The source for this set includes The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars.

  • Issue Date: 1986
  • Limited Edition of 250
  • Size: 11"
  • Estimated Values: $250 - $400
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Mann Mammy Cookie Jar

Mann Mammy. Courtesy of eBay Seller CD111

The mark on this jar is impressed with MANN and the jars were made in Japan. The jars were done in several different colors and have been reproduced.

  • Size: 9 3/4"
  • Estimated Values: $500 - $700
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A Little Company

eBay Seller CD111

A Little Company produced Black Artist jars in the 1980s and 1990s. Their jars were all limited editions, with issue prices from around $100 and up.

  • Jar Name: Smile
  • Size: 14"
  • Mark: A Little Co. 89
  • Values: $150 - $250
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McCoy Cauliflower Mammy

McCoy Cauliflower Mammy. From the collection of Theodore Kotsiakos©

McCoy Pottery only made two ​Black Mammy Cookie Jars* and this jar is the rarest of the two. Both jars are widely reproduced, which in turn has caused values to come down quite a bit as folks are unsure what is real and what's not.

This jar is a good example of a cold paint finish and what happens after years of use or even just sitting around. It's very hard to find an older or antique cookie jar with good original cold paint. The cauliflower mammy shown here is one of the better examples found.

  • Made: 1939
  • Mark: McCoy, USA
  • Rare
  • Cold Painted
  • Values: $600 - $1000

*McCoy only made two different versions, but a new collector would be hard pressed to believe that with all the "McCoy" Black Jars offered for sale online. Do your research before purchasing a jar marked McCoy to be sure it is the real thing.

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McCoy Mammy

Courtesy of eBay Seller GenieBlue2

McCoy Pottery only made two Black Mammy Cookie Jars. Both jars are widely reproduced which has caused values to come down quite a bit over the last few years. A jar with good cold paint is hard to find. This is the second mold used by McCoy, but there were several variations on the words on the front of the dress.

Mammy #2 originally had the words "Dem Cookies show am good" on the front of the dress on the jars made from 1944 through 1947. The words were changed in 1948 to "Cookies". This same mold was made with the words "Dem Cookies Sho Got Dat Vitamin A" and it is thought that this particular jar was never put into production.

McCoy produced these jar in the colors of solid aqua, solid yellow and white with decorative cold paint.

  • Made: 1944 through 1957
  • Mark: McCoy
  • Size: 11"
  • Cold Painted
  • Values: $125 - $200
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Jazz Player

Barb Crews

One of the first Black jars made by Clay Art is the cool Jazz Player jar.

  • Made by: Clay Art
  • Year Produced: 1995
  • Size: Approx. 9.5"
  • Values: $40. - $65
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Soul Tones

Barb Crews

One of the first Black jars made by Clay Art is the cool Jazz Player jar.

  • Made by: Clay Art
  • Year Produced: 1998
  • Size: Approx. 11"
  • Values: $65 - $90
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Sunday Best

Barb Crews

Sunday Best details:

  • Made by: Clay Art
  • Year Produced: 2003
  • Size: Approx. 10.5"
  • Values: $50 - $80
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Plaid Mammy Grease Jar

Courtesy of CookieJar500

Plaid Mammy Grease Jar was originally produced in the 1930 - 1941 time frame.

  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 4.75"t x 5"W
  • Auction Date: March 2004
  • Sold Price: $355
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Black Raggedy Ann

Torre Clayworks Raggedy Andy
Torre Clayworks. Barb Crews

Details of an artist Black Raggedy Ann cookie jar are below. Learn more about Raggedy Ann Cookie Jars.

  • Limited edition: 100
  • Size: 12"
  • Mark
  • Values: $125 - $175
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Black Raggedy Andy

Torre Clayworks Raggedy Andy
Torre Clayworks. Barb Crews

An artist Raggedy Andy cookie jar details below. Learn more about Raggedy Ann Cookie Jars.

  • Limited edition: 100
  • Mark
  • Values: $125 - $175
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Renita Pines Beloved Belindy

Beloved Belindy. Barbara Crews

Beloved Belindy is a character from the Raggedy Ann books by Johnny Gruelle. Renita Pines made this limited edition artist jar.

  • Size: 12"
  • Values: $350 - $450
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Weller Watermelon Mammy

Weller Watermelon Mammy
Weller Mammy. Morphy Auctions

This Weller Watermelon Mammy cookie jar is sold by Morphy Auctions:

  • Auction Date: March 2009
  • Mark: "Weller"
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Size: 11 1/2"
  • Pre-auction estimate: $1500 - $2000
  • Sold Price: $1170
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Halloween Mammy

B & B Pottery. Barb Crews

This contemporary Mammy jar was created by Albert and Betty Story of Erwin, Tennessee, both students and good friends of the legendary Negatha Peterson. Betty does various designs on her jars and will do custom designs to order. Their studio name is B & B Pottery, where they can be reached by email at alberstor [at]

  • Size: 13"
  • Date: 2009
  • Price: $65

Brian Parkinson of Negatha Peterson (Erwin Pottery) Cookie Jars says, "Although she no longer produces pottery, Negatha remains active in promoting local potters, like her dear friends Albert and Betty Story, whose cookie jars carry their B & B Pottery name on their bases. She has passed along to them her techniques and the patterns of this wonderful and all-American art form that was born in the misty Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee."

He continued to mention that, "Betty was a good student and she worked very hard. I have two of her cookie jars and she does beautiful work. She paints them in traditional patterns and even some with the holiday themes, but in her own style."

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Spice Doll Cookie Jar

Treasure Craft Spice
Treasure Craft Spice Cookie Jar. Barbara Crews

Treasure Craft produced two rag doll jars, Spice (shown) and Sugar, the blonde version of the dolls.

  • Date Produced: 1993
  • Size: 14"
  • Values: $100 - $150
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Mardi Gras Grand Marshal Cookie Jar

Barb Crews

This limited edition jar was produced by Treasure Craft for Mardi Gras Records, a New Orleans music company in business since 1977. This particular jar would be of interest to several different collectors, such as Advertising Collectors, Black Memorabilia and collectors of Treasure Craft jars.

  • Advertising jar purchased directly from Mardi Gras Records
  • Circa: 1995
  • Size: 13.75""
  • Limited edition of 500
  • Issue price was approximately $79
  • Estimated Values are $125 - $150

Clay Art also produced a very similar looking jar with New Orleans on the Grand Marshal's banner. Clay Art jar is quite a bit smaller at 10". Other Mardi Gras jars include the Alfano Studios mask and a Marilyn Monroe as Grand Marshal in a parade car also from Clay Art.