Black Magic Curse Backfires

A strange man appears and offers to break the curse placed on a baby... but there is a terrifying consequence

This incident, which was told to me by my fiancee's mother, took place in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1929, when her grandmother was just a baby. The baby had had a high fever and no matter what they did, nobody could bring it down.

One night, there was a knock on the door, and in stepped a man who told the family that there had been a curse placed on the baby by someone else in the family who was very jealous of her. He said he could bring the fever down and break the curse, but if he did so, the witch who cast the curse would die.

The family hardly believed his story and didn't know anyone who was a witch, but they were desperate, so they let the man in to try. The strange man prayed over the baby all night and seemed to have gone into some sort of trance at stages.

The next morning, the baby was healthy and "the curse" had been broken. The overjoyed family thanked the man and he departed, leaving them with the chilling words, "Now someone else in your family is dead."

The family didn't know who the man was and never saw him again, but were so relieved that the baby wasn't sick anymore that the aunt went around to all the family's relatives to relay the good news. But to her horror, when she walked in to her mother and father's home, the stepsister (of the baby with the fever) was hanging by a rope from the chandelier.

She was the only one in the family who died, and so the family had to assume that she was the witch who cast the spell.

Note: Rumor has it that the step-sister was very, very jealous of the new baby. The sister had been used to being an only child for years and years as the older ones had grown and moved away. And then the new baby arrived and she began to seclude herself in her room, and her hair and clothes had become messy and unkempt.

Her mother came forward and revealed that she thought her daughter was practicing dark magic. She began to assume her daughter's true nature, but didn't want to frighten anyone else, so she kept it to herself.

Also, the strange man who broke the curse was not a priest or any kind of holy man of the church, as far as they were aware. And they never heard of or saw the man again.