We Demand An Explanation For These Totally Bizarre Stock Images

Who would ever need (or use) these pictures?

Via reddit u/sixtysixdays.

Stock images are professional photos that are used to compliment publications both online and off. They're intended to be generalized versions of everything in life, so if you're looking for a picture to go along with an article about, say, prostitution, you can find the perfect hooker pic you're looking for with just a few clicks of the mouse. Easy-peasy.

Yet some stock images are so oddly specific that they end up making zero sense. These pictures leave "odd" behind and proceed right on to "What the HECK am I looking at?" at record speed. Take a look at 25 examples of bizarre stock photography that leave us with questions. So many questions

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Settle Down There, Faux-Ellen Degeneres

Via reddit u/Marshmallow0213.

Writer: "What I really need for this article is a picture of a woman with a carrot up one nostril. Oh, and she should also be holding an electrical plug, and if she happens to look like a low budget Ellen Degeneres, that'd be great."

Shutterstock: "I've got just the image!"

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You Keep Your Money Where?

Via reddit u/mekbots.

That's the last time he asks her for a loan.

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All Flop and No Flip

Via Getty Images.

Ah yes, the first bloom of true love. When you and your lover sit together and gaze at each other adoringly while sniffing a flip flop. Who among us hasn't enjoyed this simple pleasure with a loved one (who also totally looks like Brad Pitt)?

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The Other White Meat

Via reddit u/BunnyAdorbs.

It's what's for dinner. 

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This One Is Just Eggcellent

Via Shutterstock.

"So you're writing a story about housewives who are secretly addicted to snorting fried eggs directly off the skillet? Yeah, we've got that."

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How About No?

Via reddit u/CamzoUK.

Him: "Just a little bit of sex? Like, this much?"

Us: "No."

Him: "But I sort of look like The Big Lebowski? That do anything for ya'?"

Us: "..."

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Grandpa Fought Hard To Get That Degree

Via iStock.

They said he could be anything, so he became a boxing old guy in a graduation cap. 

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You Say "Potato," I Say, "WTF?"

Via Imgur/psnthatonechick.

This is the perfect photo for when you want a woman's face, but you also want a potato. Because that is a scenario that happens so frequently.

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Spaghetti Machete, Anyone?

Via Shutterstock.

These two items rhyme, so it's almost like this photo had to exist somehow.

Okay, never mind; it's not like that at all.

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Haunted By Cheeseburgers

Via BoingBoing.

Actual photo of me on my last attempt at adopting a healthy diet plan. The burgers... they... haunt me.... 

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I Now Pronounce You Man and Watermelon

Via Imgur.

Believe it or not, as far as awkward and bizarre wedding portraits go, this one isn't even in the Top 10.

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I Shall Call Her "Mini Me"

Via reddit u/butterknot.

Have you ever been so depressed that you feel like you have a second version of yourself perched delicately upon the brim of your cap?

Yeah, neither have I. 

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Am I Using This Fidget Spinner Correctly?

Via reddit u/Your_Moms_Flame.

You know, we laughed when they warned us that fidget spinners that were made in China might contain lead paint. "Who would be so incredibly stupid that they'd put a metal toy in their mouths?" We asked incredulously.

I think we have our answer now.

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Space Corn

Via reddit u/katiebug586.

TIL (today I learned) that In the future, people worship corn on the cob.  

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So Tired I Could Sleep On A Pillow Made of Cake

Via Imgur u/Cystman.

What? At least it's a SHEET cake.  

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Stick 'Em Up

Via Dreamstime.

You just never know when you'll need a picture of a big-headed hit man with a banana for a gun.

(Spoiler Alert: Probably never.) 

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Just A Guy In Big-Ass Pants

Via reddit u/Insanitychick.

This picture captured the exact moment when the Jenny Craig photo shoot got weird. "Hold up your old fat pants to show us how much weight you've lost!"

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Well, This Is Awkward

Via reddit u/Cormamin.

Oh my. Grandma, Grandpa, we know you're very proud of... whatever this is..., but please put that thing away. The neighbors have been complaining.

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Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?

Via reddit u/missafine.

If you can't walk the red carpet, BE the red carpet. 

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Rubber Ducky Heaven

Via reddit u/Robster4911.

If there is a news story that calls for an image like this, I definitely want to read it. Granted, we've seen our share of crazy news headlines that actually turned out to be real, but we've still never seen a story about a guy wearing a rubber ducky floatie while simultaneously enjoying a shower of rubber duckies. I think I'd remember that.

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Yay, Killed Another One!

Via reddit u/inghostcolours.

Slow your roll there, Nurse Ratched. I thought the whole point was to keep the patients ALIVE.

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Laughing Gas Is A Hell of a Drug

Via reddit u/StompYouHard.

Didn't have a fear of clowns before? Congratulations, you do now! 

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He's All Thumbs

Via reddit u/sixtysixdays.

Or toes? Or... oh come on. I give up.

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This Guy's a Fruit Loop

Via reddit u/Im-so-tired506.

I think I spot your new Tinder profile picture!

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I Know Why The Caged Girl Sings

Via reddit u/Hackerwithalacker.

Hope you like nightmares!

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