Birthday Ideas for Your Spouse

When you promised to spend the rest of your life with your spouse, you might not have realized that you were also committing to making his or her birthday memorable and special ever year. But you were. That might sound like a tall order, but it doesn't have to be. Incorporating the element of surprise, even in the simplest fashion, can make birthday memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some ways to surprise your spouse on his or her birthday:

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Remember the Birthday

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You'd be surprised how many spouses, especially husbands, forget their spouse's birthday. It's a huge letdown. The birthday girls or boys are placed in the awkward position of either reminding their spouse or letting the day go by without even a happy birthday. The only people who must remember one's birthday is her spouse and her parents. So, mark your calendar, set alarms, whatever it takes to remember. It is, after all, part of your duty as a spouse.

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Throw a Party for a Crowd

Without telling your spouse, invite your closest friends to your favorite restaurant or your home for a surprise party. This can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like. If you go to a restaurant, call ahead to tell the wait staff that it is a surprise party and see if you can bring some balloons and party hats and work out details for singing "Happy Birthday". At home, you can order pizza or sandwiches, cake, and drinks and decorate the place with balloons and crepe paper to make it festive. Come up with an excuse to get your spouse to the event and holler, "Surprise!" upon his arrival.

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Throw a Party for Two

Set the ambiance for a romantic dinner for two either at your favorite restaurant or in the comfort of your own home. Either way, don't tell your spouse ahead of time. Set out a note leading him or her to appropriate attire (might even be a new outfit that can serve as a gift) with an invitation for a private birthday celebration and instructions on where to go when he or she is dressed and ready. Then, open the door to your car or the door to your dining room and begin to celebrate. If you are staying home, then be sure to put out a floral centerpiece, candles, and perhaps a little gift.

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Throw a Party for One

This is a great surprise for the stressed out bride or groom. Instead of planning an elaborate celebration, deck out your bathroom with something festive, maybe balloons or soft candles. Then, run a hot bath for your spouse and use his or her favorite bath salts or oils or bubbles. Make sure to make a gift basket with more of these bath accessories as a gift. Lay out a plush robe and slippers. If you want to win brownie points, give your spouse a massage before the bath.

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A Romantic Gesture

Sometimes, a romantic gesture to honor one's spouse on his or her birthday can be simple yet heartwarming. A nice thing to do is prepare breakfast in bed for the birthday boy or girl. Be sure to include a single rose or a bouquet of flowers on the tray and a birthday card with a special sentiment. Write it like a love letter to win your spouse's heart. If you have a gift besides the card and meal, be sure to give it to your spouse after breakfast. To go the extra mile, bring the day's newspaper or a favorite book or magazine for some light reading in bed after breakfast.

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A Suprise Vacation

Planning a surprise vacation requires some forethought. For one, you have to be sure your spouse can miss work during the days for which you are planning the getaway. If your spouse has off every weekend, you could just plan the trip for the weekend. For anything more elaborate, you either have to go to your spouse's boss with the request (which you should only do if you and your spouse have a close relationship with the boss and know it would be acceptable behavior) or you have to discuss the surprise ahead of time. In that case, you could tell your spouse to take off certain days and plan the trip accordingly. Then, give them the tickets when you get to the airport, train, car. Just be sure to give honey some direction on what to pack.