Biography of WWE Diva Sable

How Diva Forever Changed the Role of Women in Wrestling

Wrestler Sable attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004.
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Sable is a former WWE Diva that forever changed the role of women in the wrestling world.  Sable used her sex appeal to help usher in the WWE's Attitude Era in the late '90s. She became the first WWE Diva to appear on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Personal Life

Rena Lesnar (born Rena Greek) was born in Jacksonville, Florida on August 8, 1967. She married Wayne Richardson in 1986 and they had a child, Mariah, together. Wayne was killed in an automobile accident in 1991. From 1994 to 2004, she was married to former wrestler Mark Mero. In 2006, she married Brock Lesnar.

Modeling Career

Prior to entering the world of professional wrestling, Rena was a model for Guess Jeans, Pepsi, and L'Oreal. Her start in the world of wrestling began in 1996 when her then-husband Mark Mero joined the WWE.

Valet for Triple H

In 1996 Triple H had a gimmick where he was accompanied to the ring by a different valet every night. At WrestleMania XII, he was accompanied to the ring by Sable. He lost that match to the Ultimate Warrior in less than a minute and blamed Sable for that loss. In the interview area, he verbally berated Sable, who was eventually saved by Mark Mero, who also was making his first WWE appearance. For the next few years, Sable was in Mero's corner.

Mark Becomes Jealous

When Mark was put out of action for several months, Sable began to model various WWE merchandise.  She quickly became one of the top stars in the WWE. When Mark returned from injury, he became jealous of her booming popularity. In an effort to make the fans stop caring about her, he once made her wear a potato sack to the ring. He eventually turned on her and joined forces with Luna.

Playboy Model

In 1999, Sable appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine. A few months later, she quit the WWE and filed a $110 million breach of contract suit against the WWE. She appeared on the cover of Playboy again a few months later and even had a special magazine dedicated to her. In doing this, she became the first person to appear on the cover of a Playboy publication three times in the same year. For the next few years, she did some acting, most notably appearing in Corky Romano.

Return to the WWE

Sable returned to the company in 2003, without her husband, who she was in the process of divorcing. As part of the promotion of WrestleMania XX, Sable appeared on the cover of Playboy again, this time with WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. During this time she met Brock Lesnar. He left the company after WrestleMania XX and she left a few months after he did. Since leaving the company, she has stayed out of the public eye. Brock went on to become UFC Champion and later returned to WWE as a special attraction.

Sable's PPV Matches and Title Reigns

  • 3/29/1998 WrestleMania XIV: Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna
  • 4/26/1998 Unforgiven: Evening Gown Match: Luna beat Sable
  • 5/31/1998 Over The Edge: Marc Mero beat Sable
  • 8/30/1998 SummerSlam: Edge & Sable beat Marc Mero & Jacquelyn
  • 11/15/1998 Survivor Series, Women's Championship: Sable beat Jacqueline to win the title
  • 1/24/1999 Royal Rumble 1999: Sable beat Luna in a strap match
  • 3/28/1999 WrestleMania XV:  Sable beat Tori
  • 5/10/1999 RAW: Sable lost the Women's Championship to Debra
  • 7/27/2003 Vengeance, No Count Out Match: Sable beat Stephanie McMahon
  • 3/14/2004 WrestleMania XX, Playboy Evening Gown Match: Sable and Torrie Wilson beat Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda
  • 6/27/2004 Great American Bash: Sable beat Torrie Wilson

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