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There are several options out there bikini razors, shavers and trimmers. With choices comes the removal of money from our pockets. So you might be wondering, ‘Which is the best choice?’

It’s important what you do use because this sensitive zone is a prime target for getting razor burn and ingrown hair. It’s not fun to get rid of the hair only to have something else red and bumpy take its place. We’ll go over a few styles and products so that you can shave, trim, or do both without trying them all and wasting a lot of money.

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Small Bikini Razors

Noxema Bikini Shave and Trim
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These generally are basically a pint-sized version of a regular manual razor. Of course they can shave virtually anywhere, they're marketed for the bikini zone.


  • Doesn't seem to cut through a lot of coarse hair well
  • Not a wide selection to choose from

Options: Noxzema Bikini Shaver (read review).

Tips: The Noxzema brand seems to dull fast. Good thing it comes in a pack of three. So don't stop yourself from reaching for a new one.

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Traditional Manual Razors

IStockphoto / Graca Victoria

I tend to prefer the traditional razor for the bikini. The best one, I have found, is my husband's. So it really doesn't matter which gender it's marketed to - a razor is a razor. Since there are a lot of curves, I do recommend choosing one that has a pivoting head. Stay away from the disposables because they seem to dull quickly which can lead to razor burn and ingrown hair.


  • A good quality one will provide a close shave and not leave you with razor burn
  • Large head makes for a fast shave time
  • A poor quality or dull one can tear skin or leave bumps
  • Disposables can dull quickly

Options: You've been to the drugstore and you know there are many out there. My suggestions are Schick Quattro or Gillette Fusion.

Tips: For other tips on getting a close, smooth shave see: Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair.

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Bikini Trimmers

Schick Hydro Trim Style
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These don't shave the hair down completely, but simply make it shorter. This helps any hair you choose to keep look more groomed.


  • Don't need to use shaving cream or gel
  • No chance of razor burn or bumps
  • Can pull on hair
  • Some have only one length option

Options: You have your manual razors that trim and electric versions that come with attachments to trim. We've reviewed two basic versions that can be picked up at the drugstore: Schick Quattro Trim Style and Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer

Tips: You can use scissors and a comb or regular clippers. But these trimmers are small, light and especially made for the bikini area.

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Electric Razors

Philips Bikini Perfect
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While they don't usually shave as close as a manual razor, they can still do a pretty good job with a quality one.


  • Don't need shaving cream or gel
  • No need to use water (but some models you can)
  • Quick


  • Can cause irritation
  • Not the closest shave ever

Options: Many electric shavers are out there, so you'll have your pick of brands and price points. Philips Bikini Perfect (compare prices on Amazon) is great for women with six attachments for grooming.

For men, I recommend Philips Norelco BodyGroomers (compare prices on Amazon) which have a special foil shaving attachment to get a close shave while minimizing irritation.

Tips: While you don't have to spend a fortune, choose one that's made solid so that it will not only last, but won't leave you red and scratchy.


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Why Not Try a Bikini Wax?

If you are grabbing your head in frustration with all the decisions out there, there is always the bikini wax. This takes hair from the root so it stays away much longer than shaving.

Just lay back and let someone else do the work for you. The upfront cost is more, but over time when done regularly most people’s hair become thinner and often slows the growth tremendously. Now there is a difference when it comes to pain, but if done correctly, you will enjoy not having to deal with any razor for several weeks!