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Vandor's Batman Cookie Jar

You're watching a favorite television show and all of a sudden you see something on the set that you have in your own home. It's a bit an of a thrill, and perhaps (depending on the show) a bit of self-satisfaction that you might have good taste or at least the same taste the set designers are trying to portray on the show. I know I love it when I might see Fiesta dishes being used or maybe a lamp just like mine, but for me, it's the most fun to catch a fleeting glance of a cookie jar on the kitchen counter and try to identify it.

The television show The Big Bang Theory has a set filled with fun and pop culture stuff and I'll admit to having and/or recognizing more than a few treasures in their apartment. I call it the eclectic look, but others might call it a bunch of toys. But what has really caught the eye of fans of the show and collectors is the iconic Batman cookie jar from Vandor. It's so popular that among collectors it's called the "Big Bang Batman jar" and most folks know exactly what jar is being mentioned.

It's the perfect storm in collecting. A cookie jar from a well-known manufacturer, one of the most popular shows on TV and a superhero all rolled into one—the fronts collide and we soon have sky-rocketing prices for the figural Batman jar from Vandor. It's a classic well-made cookie jar that would be a great addition to a jar collection, but is most likely found more often in homes of folks who don't necessarily collect jars but love the look and the idea that it's seen on a favorite show.

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Prices and Other Batman Jars

Current prices for the Big Bang Batman jar on eBay average in the $400 range, selling anywhere from $270 to over $500 in August 2013. Two recent sales had 49 and 79 bids each! How's that for competitive bidding?

The jar is one of the more mysterious looking Batman jars, with well-defined muscles and the perfect physique only a superhero could have.

  • Manufacturer: Vandor
  • Size: 11.5"
  • Issue Date: 2004
  • Limited Edition: 3600
  • Suggested Retail: $90

Vandor also produced a Batmobile, Superman, and Wonder Woman figural jar during the same time frame.

Other Batman Jars

Over the years other Batman cookie jars have been made starting with several jars from Warner Brothers including a bust, Batmobile, and a "dark" Batman jar that were sold at their stores.

Clay Art produced a cartoony Batman jar and currently Westland Giftware sells both a Batman and Joker cookie jar.