The 6 Best Under Eye Concealers to Buy in 2018

Hide dark circles instantly

Under eye circles can be the result of several factors—lack of sleep, dehydration, genetics—and can be quite difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, there are endless options when it comes to keeping them covered. However, one size does not fit all. Whether you want to avoid creasing or drying out your delicate eye area, it’s important to select one that is specifically made for your skin type and concerns.

With the right under eye concealer, you can eradicate darkness and discoloration with the swipe of a wand. Each under eye concealer offers something different—some rehydrate, others fill in lines. Either way, when it comes to looking bright-eyed and awake, these options will do the trick. Read on to learn more about the best under eye concealers you can buy now.

For an under eye concealer that hides dark circles without creasing or getting into fine lines, try this top-rated concealer from bareMinerals. The concealer comes in six shade options and is infused with lilac plant stems cells and humectants to hydrate the delicate under eye area while hiding any uneven tones.

"This goes on smooth, looks natural, doesn't crease in my mid-30's year old crow's feet," raved one reviewer. Other mention how bareMinerals's concealer is the only under eye concealer they trust to hide dark circles without looking cakey on the skin. At less than $20, this concealer is a great mid-range option for makeup newbies and professionals alike to achieve an even, glowing complexion.

L.A. Girl PRO Conceal High-Definition Concealer, Beautiful Bronze
Courtesy of Walmart

For many people, this drugstore find is better than several high-end options out there. The creamy formula is easy to blend out and comes in 28 diverse shades (quite impressive for a concealer line), with six great color-correcting options. It’s no wonder it’s one of Walmart’s best-selling color cosmetics.

Beauty bloggers and YouTubers love the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer for its unbeatable coverage and natural-looking matte finish. It’s also universally loved for its ability to work with all skin types, from the oiliest to the driest without showing a crack. Oh, and did we mention the price? At $5 a pop you can buy a few concealer colors to mix and match your perfect shade. Either way, your wallet will be pleased.

To add major brightness under your eyes, start with the light yellow corrector, which will help counteract the blue undertones in dark circles. This layerable formula doesn’t crease so you can wear it alone or pack other makeup on top. Whatever you choose, it will stay put all day. Bet you can’t say the same for your fancy department store concealer. More »

Veil Cosmetics calls this concealer a complexion concealer. Amazon reviewers call it a combination of cover up and a color corrector. We call it the answer to erasing dark circles.

To apply your concealer seamlessly, make an upside down triangle starting from the inner corner of your eye, down to the side of your nostril, then back up to the outer corner of your eye. This magic wand’s easy-to-use precision brush makes painting on and filling in the triangle possible without any fuss.

The formula is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and the light-enhancing pigments instantly brighten the dark and sallow under eye area. It’s also a fan favorite for its ability to keep your tired skin covered without looking like you have any makeup on at all. Some reviewers admits it’s better than the expensive cult-classic product it resembles.

Bloggers have raved about this dark circle treatment concealer for years and even the biggest makeup snobs love it. It contains good-for-you ingredients like goji berry and haloxyl to help reduce puffiness and shadows. Plus, the featherlight liquid texture glides right onto skin without sinking into lines or losing opacity as you blend it in.

The plush rounded applicator is a winning component of the product. For one, it’s antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about it getting gunked up with bacteria and fostering germs that can lead to future breakouts. Secondly, it gives you even coverage without pulling or tugging the delicate eye area, which can lead to wrinkles down the line.

This moisturizing treatment seriously brightens without caking or exacerbating age marks. Plus, for just ten bucks, we’re sold.

Hydration is crucial to keeping your eyes both dark-circle and wrinkle-free, and finding a concealer that provides substantial coverage without drying you out is not always the easiest task. That was the case until Benefit came along with this ultra-moisturizing option.

The stick applicator glides on like silk without pulling or tugging on the thin, vulnerable skin. The unique hydrating halo is infused with vitamin E and apple seed while the core is packed with pigment to conceal darkness. Some may argue that it doesn’t give you intense full-coverage, and that’s simply because it’s not supposed to. Unlike those long-lasting formulas that can dry you out, this one is focused on enriching your skin with the ingredients it needs for long-term improvement. So don’t expect caked on costume makeup. Instead, you will happily find yourself with bright eyes and a natural, fresh-faced gaze.

Sometimes it feels like concealer and fine lines are like oil and water...they just don’t go together. Crepiness, creasing, flaking, all of the things you want hide seem to come to life the second you put on a little bit of cover-up. But not this one! This triple threat from IT Cosmetics isn’t your average concealer. The pigmented formula glides on smoothly, instantly youth-ifying the under-eye area without settling into fine lines. It contains skin-loving ingredients like collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants that simultaneously help to fill in existing marks while also preventing further signs of aging. We suggest dusting it off with a pinch of setting powder to really keep it in place all day. Bonus: it’s waterproof, so whatever the weather, this one will keep you looking fresh and fly.


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