The 8 Best Memes About Tuesday

Is Tuesday really that much better than Monday?

I'm here to make Tuesday Better meme

Tuesday is some people's favorite day of the week. Why? It's not Monday and, for some, it's Taco Tuesday. With Monday out of the way and tacos in-bound, it has to be a good day.

Seems not everyone agrees, for some the best thing that can be said about Tuesday is that it is not Monday, and even that is stretching it.

When there are competing opinions on a subject as important as which day is the best day of the week, there are bound to be memes extolling the virtues or vice of Tuesday. Heck, we can’t even decide if Tuesday is the second or third day of the week.

No matter what day of the week it is, it has a lot of memes.

What Do Tuesday Memes Mean?

Tuesday memes run the gamut from those completely despising Tuesday and all it stands for, which we are not actually sure of, but by gum, it's a terrible day, to those who think it is the best day of the week, and if you're not convinced of that well then here, have a taco or a pancake.

Tuesday memes are mostly people having fun, enjoying or hating the day, but no matter, which it is, they are going to let you know.

How Are Tuesday Memes Used?

Except for Fat Tuesday which marks the beginning of the annual Mardi Gras celebration, Tuesday memes are used to express one's fondness or dislike for the day. You will find the two camps about evenly split, making for a robust meme thrown down.

That is except for when Fat Tuesday rolls around, at which point it seems everyone loves Tuesday. It's pretty amazing what carnival can do for one's outlook on a day.

Examples of Tuesday Memes

Example #1:

Image: Happy Tuesday.

Text: The text can’t get any simpler, its "Happy Tuesday"

Meaning: Of course with such simple text there must be a strong image, and your right, a thoroughly happy dog grace's this meme. This is one of the strongest memes for the folks who love Tuesday, and its hard to argue with such a cute dog.

Example #2:

Image: Ostrich smiling.

Text: Smile it's a beautiful Tuesday.

Meaning: Although the text seems to suggest this is a meme from the Tuesday is one of the best days of the week, the ostrich image is a little much. You know the kind of image that you're not sure is good or bad; something in the middle, and it could go either way at any time.

Example #3:

Image: Grumpy Cat dislikes Tuesdays.

Text: Tuesday is just Monday's ugly sister.

Meaning: For some, Grumpy Cat nails it, Tuesday is just the day after Monday, and isn’t much better at all. From the cat's viewpoint, it may be a bit worse. But I got a feeling he has no better thoughts for Monday.

Happy Tuesday

Happy dog enjoying Tuesday meme


Who can resist that face? After one look I'm beginning to believe Tuesday is a pretty good day, especially if this guy was hanging around.

Ostrich Smile

Ostrich smiling meme

I don’t know if I should be laughing or running away. But if I looked out my window on a Tuesday morning and saw him looking back, I think I would quickly lock the windows, and then smile a bit myself.

Monday's Ugly Sister

Grump Cat commenting on Tuesdays meme

The face says it all; Tuesday is no better than a Monday. There are actually a few variations of this meme, with text saying Tuesday is Monday's ugly cousin. Whichever way you like it, this cat has the face to go with the text.

Is It Only Tuesday?

Monday took to long

We've all had days like this, ones that went on for so long you thought it was later in the week then it was. You don’t know if he is wide-eyed at the idea of it only being Tuesday, or he just hasn't got any sleep.

Of Course, It's Tuesday

Puppy with very sad face meme

Don't you wonder what his Friday's face looks like? Because that certainly isn’t anyone's Friday face.

Polar Bear

Polar bear with face palm meme

Now that is a disappointment, slapping your head when you realize it is only Tuesday and not a day later in the week. Heck, even Wednesday is better.

Minion Monday

Minion Monday meme

Those terrible Tuesdays that occur after a three day weekend, turning Tuesday effectively into a Monday.

Monday is Over

Grumpy Cat and his love for Tuesdays meme

Grumpy Cat returns to give us our last Tuesday meme. From the cat's perceptive the only good thing about Tuesday is that it means Monday is over with. You can’t argue with that though I would remind the grumpy one that it also means its Taco Tuesday.