Unstoppable Behemoths: The Best Trucks for the Apocalypse

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The Best Trucks for the Apolcalypse

This Apocalypse-ready F-250 carries eight and smears zombies. © Z Nation/Syfy Network

We scoured high and low and broke open our archives. The mission? Dig up the greatest trucks known to mankind that would fit various survival strategies in an apocalyptic event -- be it scores of mutant vampires, zombies, a severe global environmental crisis or the aftermath of a large-scale nuclear exchange. The result? Some of the most unique machinery ever crafted. If your budget can take a serious hit, any one of these machines will deliver a serious injection of fun into your life.

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The Sin City Hustler by Big Toyz Racing Motors

The Sin City Hustler is the World's Longest Monster Truck. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

Price: asking $1,000,000

Seating: 13 passengers

Engine: 521-cubic-inch Ford big block engine, over 700 hp on pump gas

What’s the Deal?

A monster-truck-limousine? For the Apocalypse? Yes and yes. In its heyday, coming face-to-face with a wooly mammoth must have been the original “shock and awe” experience. Now, nothing says “Don’t Mess” like the roar of a 700+ hp big block engine under open throttle turning massive 66”x44”x25” 6-ply all-terrain flotation tires. Its custom-built 4-link suspension system boasts 8 26-inch nitrogen shocks, 4 of which have external flow control. Bad terrain is not an issue, and neither is Dukes-of-Hazard-style air time (there’s 1 nitrogen bump stop per corner). A 4-wheel steering system gives this 32-foot long, almost 12-foot wide beast a turning radius of 65 feet -- ridiculous considering a Ford Super Duty-class pickup’s radius is 59 feet. There’s room for 12 people to tag along with you inside the cabin, with each passenger treated to their own race bucket seat. Passengers are also treated to a complete view of the suspension, drivetrain, 4-wheel steering system and terrain during the ride, thanks to extensive use of 1/8-inch thick Lexan. Is a lockbox-secure, schoolbus-liveable, monster-truck-athletic ride that lets you see the undead you roll over a prized apocalyptic ride? We think the details make it pretty clear. Start saving.

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H2OEX Extreme by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC

The H2OEX Extreme's bumper is designed to push its way through a mid-sized tree. © Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International

Price: Varies (contact the manufacturer)

Seating: 7 passengers

Engine: 325hp 6.0-liter Ford Powerstroke diesel (stock) + 240hp Turbo Yanmar marine engine

What's the Deal?

There’s a broad spectrum of vehicles to choose from when it comes to mastering tough terrain. When you need to traverse both water and land, however, your options are few. The H2OEX Extreme by CAMI, LLC is an extraordinary creation that can shrug off almost everything in its way, from mid-sized trees to bodies of water. In the real world, this truck can be lifted by crane or helicopter to where it’s needed thanks to built-in crane eyes on its 8-point roll cage. Loading the craft with heavy equipment is not an issue, thanks to CAMI’s “unsinkable” construction process. In an apocalyptic environment, the cavernous interior of what began as a Ford Excursion can serve in a variety of rescue capacities and easily sweep its passengers to the solace of open water. 

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Terra Wind by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC

Price: starts at around $850,000

Seating: configurable (Class A RV platform)

Engine: 330hp diesel driving automatic AND marine transmissions

What's the Deal?

If you’re going to have to slug it out at the end of the civilized era of mankind, you might as well do it in style. Thanks to an available list of accouterments that include teak cabinetry and the finest leathers available, CAMI, LLC’s Terra Wind is long on style and -- at 42.5-feet long -- just plain long. The Class A RV is constructed by the company from scratch and then dropped onto their trademark “unsinkable” aluminum hull to create an amphibious personal oasis. Demonstrations show CAMI’s special floatation foam platform remaining above water even when heavily weighted and all of the platform’s plugs pulled. That means if you should have a run-in with any sort of opportunistic thugs you should still be able to make a brilliant escape to the water even if you’ve sustained some damage. In the real world, you can lend a helping hand in a severe flooding situation and have some vacation experiences that are totally unique.