The Best Travel Underwear and Bra Tips

Are you a globe trotter? Or do you love a quick weekend getaway? Whether you are on an epic journey to a distant land or on a family trip to your go-to spot, you'll need to know what to pack. People often forget about some of the most important things when packing: travel underwear and bras! Read these tips on how to pack your bras, the must have undergarments for travel, and even how to wash your delicates while traveling. Pack smart and stay supported!

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Travel and packing bras

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In order to make sure you pack the right bras and undergarments for your travels, plan these items along with the outfits you pack. Lay out your clothing for the trip outfit by outfit. Then along with each look lay out the undergarments you'll need. For example, pack the strapless bra and seamless thong for that off the shoulder body con dress. Or your go-to neutral skin tone bra and a slip for that white blouse and linen skirt outfit.

When packing a versatile travel wardrobe, don't forget to pack a convertible bra to wear with more than one outfit. Many bras are designed to be worn with regular straps straight back, as a halter bra, or with criss-cross straps for racerback outfits. In general, it's a good idea to pack at bras so that you won't have to wear the same one over and over again, which can stretch out the elastic of the band and ruin its support. Keep in mind the activities you'll be enjoying on your trip. If you plan to exercise or hike, pack a few sports bras!

For underwear, pack the pairs that work with your outfits, plus a few all purpose pairs just in case. And don't forget to place a pair of underwear in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost.

Of course if it's your honeymoon or a sexy getaway (or even a solo trip!) pack something fun and flirty in your bag.

Staying with other house guests or at your in-laws? Pack a sleep bralette or stretchy bra to wear to sleep or at the morning breakfast table.

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travel bag for bras and underwear

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Once you've chosen your bras and underwear to pack, use a case, box, or bag to keep them organized and from getting crushed. Non-molded bras can be folded in half and storied in a mesh or lingerie bag. Molded bras, or those with a formed cup, should be stacked on top of each other instead of folded to avoid denting the cups.

You can purchase a zippered lingerie organizer or hard cover bra travel case for extra protection and to avoid lurking airport staff members. Or simply insert the stack at the top of your suitcase.

Underwear, shapewear, and accessories can go into a cloth or mesh bag to keep them sorted from the rest of your suitcase. It's wise to use a two-section bag, or two separate bags for underwear (and even socks) marked with a Dirty and Clean label. For a fun DIY project, you can also make your own.

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Sleeping in airport


When planning what to wear to the airport, don't forget about what you're going to wear underneath! For example, many people find it comfortable to wear a wire-free bra when traveling, especially on long plane rides or car trips. A well fitting non-underwire bra can make it more cozy in an airplane seat, and also make it easier to go through security. Some travelers have reported that the underwire in their bras have set off the metal detector and resulted in having to be pulled out of line for further questioning or scanning. Avoid the headaches and invest in a few great travel bras.

A good wire-free bra or even a bralette can do the trick for most travelers, but you may want to try The Travel Bra. This bra comes with hidden pockets for a passport, jewelry, and cash and is especially great for women traveling solo to foreign countries, or those who plan on sleeping in shared rooms or crashing in an airport. Keep your valuables close to your heart and out of harm's way.

If you've ever been delayed or had a flight canceled, or taken an 8+ hour trip, you'll know that just as important as a travel bra is a great pair of comfortable underwear. Keep your comfort in mind for the trip and choose the material, cut, and fit that feels great.

Need some additional travel peace of mind? If you're on your cycle during a long trip without access to a restroom, try a pair of underwear like Thinx to avoid any leaking. Their sister company, Icon, makes a similar pair for those suffering from incontinence. These items can be a saving grace on travel days!

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Hand washing underwear

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Whether you're going on a long trip or away for just a few days it's smart to bring a travel sized lingerie wash bottle with you. Not only can you wash and re-wear your undergarments, you can also use it to launder a spill on your clothes before it stains.

Wash bras in the hotel sink or even a pair of underwear in a bowl, then hang or drape them over the shower curtain rod or on doorknobs to dry. Usually if you let small items like this dry overnight they'll be ready to wear the next morning.

You can also soak and hang dry a blouse or cashmere sweater, or other hand wash items with the same soap. And if you're headed to a poolside or tropical location you can also use lingerie wash for swimsuits. Washing them as soon as you exit the pool or ocean will help rinse away chlorine and salt which are known to stiffen the elastic in swimsuits, breaking it down and causing them to stretch out.