The Best Travel Purse to Carry Your Essentials

Travel Style Inspired by Celebrities

You've booked your flight and hotel, and packed your suitcase. Now all you need is a cute travel purse, that will carry all your airplane essentials, and get you to your destination in style. We've got great suggestions for what you should consider when shopping for a travel purse. Then, browse our gallery of celebrities who travel in style, and get inspired to choose a travel purse that suits your fashion vibe, as well as your travel needs.

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What to Look for in a Travel Purse

Bella Hadid at the airport

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Before you shop for a travel purse, consider your needs for your trip. Are you doing a short jaunt, and just need a purse to stash your travel documents, toiletries, and a few other must-have items? Or are you heading off on an overseas flight, and want to include a laptop, books, a blanket scarf, or other larger items in your carry-on? This will help you determine the size of bag you need to bring on the plane.

Consider your fashion needs for the trip. Are you trying to pack light? You may prefer to carry a travel bag that's versatile enough to go with all your outfits during your trip. Is it important to you to look stylish? A fashionable bag in a cute shape, color, and fabric, will help you look more local, when you travel abroad. Do you get frustrated by larger bags, because all your smaller stuff gets lots in them? Try shopping for a purse with multiple zippered pockets, to help organize your items. 

Also consider your travel needs. Are you going adventure traveling? An easy-to-clean leather or nylon bag may be a good idea. Some bags are available with safety features, such as locking zippers, to protect your belongings. And bags with removable straps offer versatility and comfort that's welcome when traveling. 

Take a look at the travel purses your favorite celebrities wear when they travel.

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Kourtney Kardashian's Designer Duffel

Kourtney Kardashian and daughter Penelope

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Traveling with kids? You'll want a carry-on travel purse that is big enough to hold all of your essentials, and theirs. A designer duffel bag in leather, such as the one Kourtney Kardashian (pictured here with her daughter Penelope) carried along on a recent trip, is a fashionable solution. Look for a big satchel with zippered pockets, where you can stash items that you want to have quick access to in the airport, such as travel documents, hand sanitizer, and spending cash. A bag that comes with a removable shoulder strap will offer you more carrying options.

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Dakota Fanning's Shoulder Tote

Dakota Fanning in track pants at the airport

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Want to stroll through the airport fashionably, with a bag that has room for your travel essentials? A stylish white tote bag that closes with a zipper at the top will provide enough room for your must carry items, such as your wallet, tablet, cosmetics, and a cardigan to protect against over air conditioning on the plane. A white purse, such as this leather tote bag carried by Dakota Fanning, is also super versatile for pairing with different travel outfits, in case you don't want to pack extra purses.

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Jane Fonda's Sophisticated Satchel

Jane Fonda in a Times Up shirt at the airport

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Leave it to Jane Fonda to show us how it's done, when it comes to stylish airport travel. The legendary movie star carried this beautiful, ostrich skin, top handle designer satchel handbag on a recent trip, and looked like a million bucks. We like this style of travel purse for shorter flights, when you just want to carry the essentials to get you there looking good. A standard sized satchel (designer or faux) can accommodate a tablet, snacks, water, a magazine, a wallet, and your toiletries pouch in style.

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Gigi Hadid's Oversized Tote

Gigi Hadid at the airport

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Sometimes, a woman needs a big purse to get her through a long flight. An oversized tote bag provides room for everything you need when you'll be stuck on an airplane for hours, including a laptop or notebook, water bottle, snacks, and a blanket scarf that can double as a wrap. These bags typically come with a wide, sometimes removable shoulder strap, for easy carrying. To avoid losing small items in a big travel purse, we recommend packing toiletries and other small items into their own, smaller pouches that you can add to your bag.

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Cate Blanchett's Double Sided Satchel

Cate Blanchett at the airport

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We're big fans of using a double sided leather satchel as a travel purse. These bags have zippered compartments on either side of the main interior compartment, providing more places to stash your travel documents, cell phone, and other important items that you need to keep easily accessible. For shorter trips, you can carry a top handled mini satchel, to cut down on the weight of your purse. Choose one in a neutral color, such as black, white, or taupe, so you can pair it with all your travel outfits.

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Elle Fanning's Black Tote Bag

Elle Fanning at the airport

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There are a lot of good reasons that the black tote bag is a top choice of women who are frequent flyers. A chic black tote is great for making any outfit look more polished, whether you're dressed for first class, or are traveling comfortably, like Elle Fanning did in her Adidas track suit for a recent flight. Black leather is also easy to clean, and it's always fashionable. Bigger totes that accommodate a laptop are great handbags for traveling abroad. Make sure to invest in one that's well made, so it's durable enough to carry all your essentials without falling apart after just one trip.

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Amal Clooney's Namesake Designer Handbag

Amal Clooney at the airport

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When you want to slay with your travel fashion, what could be better than carrying a designer purse that's named after one of our modern style icons? The Amal tote by Italian brand Ballin, as pictured here worn recently for an airplane trip by the actual Amal Clooney, is made from leather with gold hardware accents. The bag offers enough room for your essentials, plus a few extras, such as a beach book, a notebook, and a few snacks. We can't all have a travel purse named after us, but we can always carry one (or a fast fashion lookalike) and dream.