The 15 Best Think Memes

Put on your thinking cap and take a look at these memes

A baby monkey scratching its head.

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Think memes are inspired by the mysterious workings of the human mind. From using logic to making sense of feelings, meme lovers have had all sorts of fun creating memes that really capture their thought processes in certain situations.

What Do Think Memes Mean?

Think memes mean something about the thoughts that are going on in somebody's head. Many people share similar thoughts about certain things, which makes think memes so relatable. These memes might be extra relatable when the thoughts expressed are influenced by strong emotions.

How Are Think Memes Used?

Think memes are used to express various mental thought processes and reactions. This might include logical thinking, philosophizing, problem-solving, opinion sharing, confusion and even anxiety. Most think memes tend to exaggerate the situation and related thought process or reaction for a humorous effect.

Examples of Think Memes

Example #1:
Image: An image of Disney character Pocahontas with her hair blowing in the wind beside an image of a girl with her hair blowing all into her face.
Text: "How I think I look when my hair is blowing in the wind vs. what it actually looks like."
Meaning: Movies always make people look so perfect, but reality makes it a lot more awkward.

Example #2:
Image: An image of a baby raising one eyebrow with a look of skepticism and confusion on her face.
Text: "You mean to tell me the baby in the mirror is me?!"
Meaning: Babies have to learn everything from scratch, but smart ones might not be so willing to believe everything their parents tell them!

Example #3:
Image: A drawing of a velociraptor dinosaur with its finger held up to its chin as if looking deep in thought.
Text: "If Cinderella's shoe perfectly fit, why did it fall off in the first place?"
Meaning: There seem to be too many questions in life that logic just can't explain.

Ready to dive into some good think memes? Check out the list below for a laugh and possibly even a bit of a head scratcher!

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What Is Humor, Really?

An image of the "Not Sure If" Futurama meme.
"Not Sure If" Futurama Meme.

Sure, things might seem funny on the surface, but if you really think about it, aren't we all just lost and lonely souls looking to use others to escape from ourselves?

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Gracelessly Running Through the Grass

Two images of dogs running in a "What I think I look like" meme.
"What I think I look like" Meme.

Thinking about your perfectly flawless expectation is always a lot nicer than experiencing the ugliness and awkwardness of reality.

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Thug Life

An image of Snoop Dog and a real dog wearing bandanas in a "What I think I look like" meme.
"What I think I look like" Meme.

You might think that the latest fashion trend will make you look amazing, but you might want to think again, my friend.

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They Go Round and Round, You Say?

An image of a baby in the "Skeptical Baby" meme.
"Skeptical Baby" meme.

Babies simply don't have the intellectual capacity to understand what older kids or adults do, so everything just seems ludicrous to them.

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Genius Level Thinking

An image of a black man thinking in the "Roll Safe" meme.
"Roll Safe" Meme.

If you can think ahead to avoid it completely, then you've solved your problem before it even became a problem!

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When Did Passwords Become Complex Math Problems?

Four images of a woman solving math problems in her head in the "Confused Math Lady" meme.
"Confused Math Lady" Meme.

Somewhere out there on the internet, there are complex passwords that probably hold the answers to some of the universe's biggest equation mysteries.

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Philosoraptor Strikes Again

An image drawing of a velociraptor in the "Philosoraptor" meme.
"Philosoraptor" Meme.

Perhaps everything in life is really just a mind blowing paradox.


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When You Have An Intellectual Epiphany At a Party

An image of a young adult looking stunned in the middle of a crowd in the "Sudden Clarity Clarence" meme.
"Sudden Clarity Clarence" Meme.

Sudden Clarity Clarence knows what it's like to make a scientific breakthrough at the most inconvenient time possible.

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The Matrix Is Real

An image of young Keanu Reeves looking surprised and confused in the "Conspiracy Keanu" meme.
"Conspiracy Keanu" Meme.

"You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe." (Quote from The Matrix.)


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The Matrix Is Very Real

An image of Morpheus from the movie The Matrix in the "Matrix Morpheus" meme.
"Matrix Morpheus" Meme.

This rabbit hole goes a little too deep, Morpheus.


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A Cat In His Element

An image of a cat dressed up as a chemist in the "Chemistry Cat" meme.
"Chemistry Cat" Meme.

You might have to read that caption over a few times if you're not a chemist.


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Think Like Jaden Smith

Two superimposed images of actor Jaden Smith looking confused in the "Jaden Smith" meme.
"Jaden Smith" Meme.

Jaden Smith became well known for sharing his bizarre realizations on social media, many of which are just too real to recognize all on our own.

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Lyrical Confusion

Three images of a man looking like he's blinking in surprise in the "Drew Scanlon Reaction" meme.
"Drew Scanlon Reaction" Meme.

 You might as well just keep on mumbling.

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Why Bother?

An image of a girl shrugging in confusion in the "Confused Black Girl" meme.
"Confused Black Girl" Meme.

It's never any fun when your friend withholds juicy information from you and forces you to think about what it could be.

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Even Spiderman Thinks Too Much

An image of the cartoon superhero Spiderman with both of his hands on his head.

Problems aren't really problems if your mind doesn't create them in the first place. Pow! *Cue Spiderman theme music*