The Best Tassel Earrings to Wear Now

10 Cute Tassel Earring Styles

Woman wearing black tassel earrings

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Tassel earrings are a big trend in women's accessories this year, and you can wear them with so many different outfits to add a pop of color and trendy style. We've rounded up these fashion photos of the best tassel earrings to wear now, as modeled by street style influencers, to give you inspiration for working this fashionable accessory into your wardrobe. You'll also find tips on how to match this popular earring style to all your outfits, including what earring length goes with which types of tops.

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White Tassel Earrings

Street style woman wearing green turban plastic sunglasses and tassel earrings
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We're crazy about these chic, trendy white tassel earrings, that you could wear with just about any outfit, to add style and edge. White accessories can be used to give your outfit a vintage, retro vibe, or a totally modern feel, depending on what you wear them with. Here, a pair of white tassel earrings look right on trend for summer style, paired with a color blocked outfit that includes a Kelly green head wrap, a pink velvet top, and cheerful resin sunglasses in a white and rainbow stripe pattern.

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Red Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing red tassel earrings
Mireya Acierto/Getty Images 

Red and pink are a color combination we're seeing a lot of in street style this year. Here, this fashion influencer shows off a new way to wear this trendy color clash, by pairing feather-like red tassel earrings with a top that has a hot pink streak. Long tassel earrings that graze the shoulders are a great match for all your sleeveless summer tops.

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Waterfall Tassel Earrings

Waterfall Tassel Earrings street style
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Here's that trendy red and pink color combination again, this time in a pair of gorgeously trendy, long ombré earrings. What a fabulous way to add color to all your outfits. Earrings with some volume are also an excellent way to balance a long face shape.

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Black Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing white blouse and black tassel earrings and black sunglasses
Francois Nel/Getty Images 

Fluffy black tassels and a metallic stud base have a modern, fashion forward feel that match well with tops that have trendy, architectural sleeves. When your top is this voluminous, shorter earrings are a great way to bring in accessories, while adding visual balance to your look.

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Green Tassel Earrings

Street Style Green Tassel Earrings
Kirstin Sinclair 

It's so easy being green, with these cute, vibrantly green tassel earrings. We love how they add a fun pop of color to a sophisticated all-black outfit, as pictured here on this street style star. Pairing long earrings with short hair is also a winning combination.

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Cobalt Blue Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing blue sunglasses and blue tassel earrings
Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Bright blue earrings add a fun, eighties-inspired vibe to your outfit. Go for broke with your outfit and match your sunglasses to your tassels, as pictured on this street style fashion influencer. If your hair is long and you're wearing it down, long, brightly colored earrings are also more likely than other accessory choices to stand out, rather than getting lost in your strands.

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Purple Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing long tassel earrings in purple
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How cute are these long tassel earrings, with a beautiful and colorful decorative base? You can shop for tassel earrings that have pretty, detailed elements at the top or bottom, to vary your accessories wardrobe. As pictured here, adding a trendy pair of tassel earrings to an otherwise business-like look, is a great way to nod to fashion and look current, even when you're dressing conservatively for the office.

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Red Beaded Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing beaded tassel earrings
Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

We're mad about these pretty, rosy red earrings with a pretty flower detail at the ear, fabric beads, gold filagree, and dangling red tassels. Earrings with plenty of visual interest are a great way to dress up basic outfits, or add color to monotone looks. We'd wear these trendy stunners with everything from a black t-shirt and jeans, to a pink pastel pantsuit this season.

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Yellow Tassel Earrings

Woman wearing blue kimono and yellow tassel earrings
Lesley Ann/Getty Images 

It's hard not to smile when your accessories are sunny yellow. Adding a pop of bright color near your face is also a great way to draw attention upward on your body, when you're aiming to balance your curves. These cheerful, lemon colored, long tassel earrings make a great addition to a cute casual outfit, that's perfect for wearing to concerts and music festivals.

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Black and Gold Tassel Earrings

Black tassel earrings with gold sequins
Levent Kulu/Getty Images 

Black and gold is a stylish color combination we can always get behind. Dark earrings also stand out well against lighter hair colors, so your accessory game is on point. We love these shoulder-dusting, trendy black tassel earrings with a gold sequined center ring.