What Are the Best Swimming Goggles?

Goggles have improved from the "old days" of glass lenses. Swim goggles come in all colors and sizes, clear, smoked, mirrored, with corrective lenses and even built-in anti fog. Several inventors are working on putting a clock into or onto goggles so you can see your time as you swim. [Read more about how goggles protect your eyes and goggles for swimmers]. 

For me, once I find a style of goggles I liked, I tried to stick with them. I would stray and try other styles, but I always came back to the ones I found worked best for me way back in the days of high school swimming. The model and brand I like seem to go in and out of production every year, but I have been lucky to find them again whenever I needed to get a new pair or two. To be safe, last time I bought goggles, I bought 12 pairs!

Swimming Aegend Goggles

If you are looking for a nice beginner goggle that is comfortable, easily adjustable and unlikely to leak the Aegend goggle is perfect. 

This goggle has clear lenses provide a natural light, which makes it ideal for low light, overcast conditions or in murky open water where maximum visibility is required. Clear lens is also ideal for consistent lighting as it provides accurate vision without filtering out colour. Ideal for indoor pools and dark conditions.

Also, the flexible nose piece make it comfortable for swimmers with a larger nose.

Barracude Fenix Goggles

From the Manufacturer:

The Fenix boasts the new TriFusion Frame Technology. TriFusion is a patent pending manufacturing process which fuses three distinct plastic and rubber compounds together to create the most comfortable, low volume and leak free swim goggle in the world. The lenses of the Fenix frame are molded from tough, UV blocking polycarbonate plastic. Each lens provides in excess of 180 degrees of unfettered peripheral vision by using a proprietary polishing technique. Fused to the lens is a semi-rigid rubber layer which matches the contours, angles and curvatures of the eye socket anatomy. This was developed using Barracuda’s innovative positive pressure fitting system. Finally, a soft, thermo-plastic rubber seal completes the process creating a frame that uses minimal suction to seal out water completely. The Fenix provides a huge visual field, eliminates drag and is more comfortable than any other product on the market. In addition to the remarkable TriFusion frame, each Fenix lens is treated with a state of the art anti fog coating to keep the vision crystal clear. Adjusting the strap is simple and quick and silicone straps are completely chlorine proof. Three different nose bridge sizes are included, and changing the bridge is a snap. Additionally, Fenix goggles are packaged in a reusable hard case, which protects the goggle, and reduces waste to a minimum.

These goggles are a nice intermediate goggle for either the novice or serious swimmer. 

Swedish Goggles

Swedish Goggles
Swedish Goggles.

These are a long–time favorite of competitive swimmers. Its unique and low–profile look is available in many colors. The no-gasket design makes for a better fit and sleeker look. A set of nimble fingers is needed as they require full assembly.

Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Goggle

From the Manufacturer:

  • Maximum comfort, a hydrodynamic profile and wide peripheral vision with lens head movement make the Elite Goggle a key weapon in the armory of the serious swimmer.
  • Developed as part of the world's first Racing System, engineering cap, goggles and suit to work in harmony.
  • Hydroscopic Lens is a unique lens shape offering an increased field of vision.
  • Our first true 3D goggle seal designed for real head and face contours.
  • An accurate and comfortable fit.
  • Improved seal leak resistance.
  • Fits the face so less need for high strap tension.
  • IQ Fit goggle strap is a new fully integrate\d one piece strap which eliminates dangling strap ends.
  • Easy to adjust using the tensioning scale so you will be able to set your preferred strap tension quickly.
  • Reduced bulk under cap offers less drag.
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable nose bridges for best fit.
  • Use the Fit Point Marker on the center of the nose bridge to align goggles and Fastskin3 Cap.
  • Fabric Content:// Lens: PC, Seal: TPR, Frame: PC, Strap: Silicone
  • Latex Free
  • Anti-Fog & UV Protection

Once again, these are the most elite goggles on the market, but certainly come at a higher price ($60). Also, some report leaks, so keep this in mind.