Top 4 Swim Training Fins

Fins are a commonly used in swimming to aid propulsion and generate more power [see more on how swim fins help your swimming]. Unfortunately, if you are looking online you'll see thousands of fins for sale, but not much information on which fins are best for your needs. This guide provides the top 4 swimming training fins. 

FINIS Floating Fin

The FINIS floating fin are the most common fins used by swimmers. These light fins are flexible and provide many sizes to fit swimmers of all ages. These fins help develop lower body strength and power.

Some report the fins fall off, especially elite swimmers moving fast

From the manufacturer:

The FINIS Floating Fins increase leg strength and help athletes swim at faster speeds. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Floating Fins add propulsion to flutter and butterfly kick. Buoyancy from the fins lifts the legs to the surface reducing drag from the rest of the body.  The Floating Fins' closed heel design provides protection against overflexion of the ankles and increases comfort. Great for all ages and all levels of swimming the Floating Fins are color-coded by size from the shoe size Junior 8 to Adult 14. Made of soft floatable rubber the Floating Fins will not sink in either fresh or salt water, making them ideal for open water and pool training.

Speedo Biofuse Fins

These fins are a lot like a traditional fin, only shorter and serrated in the middle. Fairly durable if you take care of them, nothing too fancy, just a solid pair of training fins that perform.

These fins also help with foot speed, as they are shorter than traditional fins.

From the manufacturer:

  • A fusion of hard and soft silicone maximized comfort and performance.
  • Stiff blade material helps build power and strength
  • Short blade design balances kicking tempo with arm stroke.
  • Super-soft foot pocket for added comfort.
  • Latex free.

TYR Flexfins™

TYR Crossblade Fins
TYR Crossblade Fins.

The TYR Flexfins™ are similar to the FINIS Floating Fin, with the traditional long, sleek look. Once again, these fins are flexibile and help develop leg strength and ankle flexibility.

From the manufacturer:

Flexfins™ are engineered for swim training regiments and exercise routines. Designed to increase leg strength and enhance foot flexibility, our Flex Fins™ are a perfect choice for swimmers at any level that are looking to increase performance and decrease times. Color-coordinated by size for easy identification on the pool deck.

Zoomers Original Training Fins

Zoomers Original Training Fins
Zoomers Original Training Fins.

These might not be the first short-blade training fin design, but in the USA they are very popular. The originals came in a stiff red model, then later a softer blue model was also made available. Now the gold model is out and is more comfortable than the red or the blue while keeping the stiff blade design to move you faster through the water. 

Because they allow a swimmer to have a similar kick speed or rhythm as they would without the flippers, and they tend to not get stuck on the wall when you do a flip turn or an open turn.From the manufacturer:

  • A new level of foot pocket comfort
  • Improved blade stiffness
  • Soft rubber foot pocket for more comfort
  • Blade stiffness is now a balance between that of the red and the blue zoomers
  • Train with zoomers gold for a stronger faster kick with ideal propulsion
  • Used by all levels of swimming to boost cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts