The Best Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Memes

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Spirited Away's No Face Shows His Sexy Side

No Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away
No Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

Spirited Away may be one of Studio Ghibli's more artistic masterpieces but that doesn't mean fans of the hit Hayao Miyazaki anime movie can't have a little fun with the characters and fantastical spirit world where the film is set.

Check out these 11 hillarious Spirited Away internet memes and image edits that are sure to make you and your friends laugh. Don't forget to share your favorites on Facebook and Pinterest so we know which ones you like the most!

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One Does Not Simply Hate Spirited Away

Sean Bean Lord of the Rings Spirited Away Meme
Sean Bean Lord of the Rings Spirited Away Meme.

The popular Sean Bean Lord of the Rings meme hits Studio Ghibli with a phrase all Spirited Away fans can agree on; One does not simply hate Spirited Away. It's impossible. It's seriously one of the best animated films ever made. Those who don't like it have something seriously wrong with them.

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Spirited Away's No Face has Skills!

Meanwhile in Japan... Spirited Away No Face Meme
Meanwhile in Japan... Spirited Away No Face Meme.

This Japanese musician took cosplaying to an entirely new level with his No Face costume. I wonder if he was actually playing a track from the Spirited Away soundtrack or maybe a song from one of the other classic Studio Ghibli films like The Cat Returns.

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Feeling all the Spirited Away Feels

Spirited Away All the Feels Meme
Spirited Away All the Feels Meme.

Studio Ghibli's films can be pretty emotional. Sometimes they even make the viewer feel like they're being attacked by all the feels all at once, like Haku here, in his dragon form.

This Spirited Away meme is great for all occasions.

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Chihiro's Parents Sure are Weird

Funny Spirited Away Drawing
Funny Spirited Away Drawing.

This Spirited Away fan art captures the energy of the famous pig transformation scene perfectly and also adds a little funny twist to the proceedings where Chihiro's parents turn into... something else! Love the detail added to the restaurant and the market street that Chihiro explores early on in the movie.

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Keep Calm While Watching Spirited Away

Keep Calm and Remember Your Name Spirited Away Meme
Keep Calm and Remember Your Name Spirited Away Meme.

The "Keep Calm" memes seem to have thankfully died down in recent years but this one is still worth a share due to it being inspired by Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away and featuring one of the movie's best characters, No Face!

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All of the Food in Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away

Eat All of the Food! No Face Spirited Away Meme
Eat All of the Food! No Face Spirited Away Meme.

I'm sure we've all been in this situation. You know, the one where you begin giving gold to complete strangers before eating them and then chasing a small girl after enjoying a massive feast of a meal? You know. That kind of situation. Totally relatable.

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A Sonic the Hedgehog Villain in Spirited Away?

Kamaji from Spirited Away is Doctor Eggman?
Kamaji from Spirited Away is Doctor Eggman?.

Is this a coincidence or is there something more here? Kamaji looks just like Doctor Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games! Maybe Hayao Miyazaki was a Sonic fan?

Even if the Kamaji design was inspired, the two characters couldn't be more different from each other. Kamaji acts like a kind uncle to Chihiro while Doctor Eggman is literally a mad doctor supervillain.

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Spirited Away Brought to You by McDonald's

McDonald's Spirited Away Meme
McDonald's Spirited Away Meme.

So Chihiro just didn't feel like eating McDonald's food! Now this scene makes much more sense! Seriously, why would she say no to gold? It's gold! Guess she just wasn't loving it.

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Spirited Away's No Face has all the Money

Funny "Y U No" No Face Spirited Away Meme.

One of the more popular internet memes that has seen massive viral success in anime and manga online communities has been the "Y U No..." meme which usually features the drawing of a different male character but here has been replaced by Spirited Away's No Face.

No Face appeared perplexed by Chihiro's refusal to take gold from him, unlike all of the other characters in the bathhouse, which made his connection to this meme a no-brainer for online fans. Why didn't you take his gold, Chihiro? Why?

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Was Spirited Away's Haku an Epic Win or Lose?

Spirited Away Epic Failure
Spirited Away Epic Failure.

Nothing's more embarrassing than being taken out by sheets of paper right in front of your potential love interest. Sure these paper creatures were magical, and yes there were hundreds of them, but they're still just paper. All those paper cuts must have really hurt though. Poor Haku!