4 Best Stores for Tall Women's Shoes

Tall Body = Big Feet - Learn How to Find Cute Shoes For Tall Women

Nordstrom's Opens Its First Store In New York City
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Growing up as a tall woman I had to buy my basketball and running shoes in the men's department, and I was stuck wearing the ugliest pair of pumps to homecoming because it was the only size 11 in the store. That being said, I had it easy compared to my younger sister—she was stuck trying to find shoes in size 13!

The world is slowly changing, and it's becoming easier to find cute shoes for tall women (meaning shoes in size 11 and up) but unfortunately, those shoes are not always cute shoes.

While I think it's reasonable to acknowledge that shoe manufacturers have to gear shoe production toward the average-height masses, I also think it's reasonable for tall women to take their business to the stores that readily cater to them.

Here are the 4 best stores to find tall girl shoes:

  1. Barefoot Tess at Long Tall Sally: If you're comfortable shopping online for shoes, BarefootTess is easy to navigate, fun to use and offers awesome selection at reasonable prices for shoe sizes up to 15. Geared specifically to the tall, big-footed ladies, BarefootTess doesn't even offer shoes in sizes smaller than nines. Choose from flats, boots, high heels and sandals ranging in price from $15.00 all the way up to several hundred bucks. 
  2. Nordstrom Rack: My first love affair with shoes happened at a Nordstrom Rack. I walked into the store and for the first time in my life I was faced with rows of shoes...cute shoes...in my size. It was heaven. Nordstrom Rack recently nixed their in-store-only purchasing standard and began offering their shoe selection online, making cute, discounted shoes in sizes up to 13 available to tall women across the country. Keep in mind that many of their shoes are designer brands, so even with steep discounts, the shoes can be pretty spendy. Just keep your eye out for special sales that bring even the most expensive shoes into your financial-reach.
  1. Payless ShoeSource: It may seem strange that I'm following up my pitch for Nordstrom Rack with Payless ShoeSource, but the fact is that Payless consistently offers cute shoes in sizes up to 13. They may not last forever, but at the price you're going to pay, you can't really expect them to. For the tall women on a budget, shopping in-store or online at Payless can really make the difference between polishing up an outfit or being stuck in a fashion rut. There's no shame in shopping at Payless!
  1. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse: DSW is another store that recently turned their in-store only experience into an awesome online shoe-shopping party. Search by size, style or color and find options for any foot up to size 13. Sometimes selection is a little bare, but most of the options are cute, and the discounted prices mean that you're getting a good deal on well-made shoes.

While these aren't the only stores out there that cater to tall women, they're the best ones I've seen. Check out their sites and pass on the information to your tall friends. Together, we can demand better shoes.