10 Best Stocking Stuffers For Skiers

Every skier likes a few surprises and if waking up on Christmas day to a foot of new snow isn't in your making then do your best and fill the Christmas stockings of your favorite chairlift partner - or the little ones with some skiing related gifts they'll really like.

Here is a selection of my choices for holiday stocking stuffers that will make you the best Santa's helper around.

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Avalanche Beacon


There's no doubt you want your favorite skier to come home safe after skiing the back and/or sidecountry. An avalance beacon provides the best and quickest way to find or be found if buried under the snow but knowing how to use a beacon is not always that simple. However, the Ortovox ZOOM+ combines the simplest handling with the latest technology and the most advanced design. Distances, directional arrows and information about several avalanche victims guide you in the fastest way to the refined search area, with the intuitive search acoustics making victims easier to locate.

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Boot Buckler and Carrier


Finding the Ski Tool™ Multipurpose Boot Buckler and Carrier in your stocking means the day just got a little easier because buckling your ski boots can almost be fun - especially for the young ones. Use it when you are in the lodge buckling up for the day or when you are on the slopes clamping down for a mogul run. Available in neon green, fluorescent yellow, red, blue, purple, and pink. It can be found at your local ski shop or Buy Direct.

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Cablz® Sunglass Retainers


If you like to ski or skin with sunglasses and are fed up with the long cloth sunglass retainers that tangles in your hair, gets all bundled up under your helmet and smells like an old sweaty sneaker then you really need to check out the Adjustable Cablz® Zipz. This is a  medical grade silicone coated adjustable retainer that you can 'zip' tight for under the helmet or 'unzip' and hang loose for that apres-ski cool look. The Adjustable Cablz® Zipz is really "The Next Generation in Eyewear Retention" - comes in a variety of colors and sizes and at a great price you just might need to buy some for everybody's stocking.

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Hoo-rag. Hoo-rag

The Hoo-rag is very cool seamless cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber bandana that is light weight, moisture wicking, comes in a wide, wide variety of colors and patterns and is really fun to wear. Anybody can wear a Hoo-rag and on the snow they are easily changed from face mask to balaclava to neck gaiter to under helmet beanie rag. Or wear your Hoo-rag for après sking chic as a pirate rag or a head band.

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Did you ever do the very funny, but very frustrating one-legged-hop in the parking lot trying to get your ski boot on while keeping your other socking only foot out of the mud and snow? Well now there is QwickStand - a water and slip resistant foldable pad that you grab out of your car drop on the snow and stay dry while getting your ski boots on or off and the unique folding pattern keeps the dirty side off your car or trunk.

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Seirus HeatWave Shred Gloves


Every skier appreciates holiday gifts that wrap him or her up in warm, dry comfort and waking up on Christmas to find a pair of Seirus new high-tech HeatWave gloves will probably cause your skier to skip breakfast just to get out and ski in the cold. Seirus' proprietary, engineered Reflective HeatWave lining retains 20% more warmth inside the glove than traditional linings. Then, kinetic energy created by body movement amplifies the reflected heat 4 to 5 degrees. It's a whole new level in warmth for a non-­battery heated glove - and there's over a dozen models of new HeatWave gloves to choose from.

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The Ski Bumper


What do you do in the ski area parking lot? Drag your skis out of the car or off the roof and - lean them against the car, or some people lay them right on the ground rather than wait while they slowly slide off the car and crash to the ground anyway!  Now there's a fix for that scenario - the Ski Bumper - a magnetic strip - a piece of rubber with hooks and clips that sticks to the side of your car magnetically and the magnets are embedded in the rubber so they won't scratch your paint!.

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A New Pair of Ski Socks

Rohner Carving L/R.

Ski socks are a definite necessity and so important that with the input of real sock designers and engineers they have evolved with specific features including offerings with unique padding or with no padding and there are some great compression socks on the market that go a long way to keeping calf muscles fit for a long day on the slopes.

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Discount Ski Tickets


What could be better then waking up Christmas morning to find a bunch of ski tickets in your stocking and best of all Santa didn't have to break the bank to buy them. He just clicked on GetSkiTickets.com to find great savings on lift tickets for nearby or destination resorts across the U.S. and Canada.

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The Little Rippers: Volume 1

Rebecca Munsterer

If you know a little boy or a little girl who loves to ski, The Little Rippers: Volume 1: Here Come the Little Rippers! will make socking stuffer. By author Rebecca Munsterer, the book tells the story of siblings Max and Molly, who embark on a skiing adventure with the "Little Rippers" lesson group and learn not just a thing or two about making turns, but about making friends, too.