Best Spots for a First Tattoo

Think Before You Ink

meegan zimmerman/Moment/Getty Images
There are a few best spots for a first tattoo that can help you appreciate your art at its finest. While designs play an important factor in tattoo placement, nothing should be more important than the overall effect your tattoo has on your body. Use your body art to your advantage and place your tattoo in a spot you'll always cherish. Tattoos are said to be addictive, but if you're mindful where you place it, you could likely stop at one.


Placement Considerations


Unless you meet with a talented and skilled artist first, you may not have the best knowledge where to place your tattoo designs. Since many people commit to designs prior to their appointment, artists will often go along with your idea without offering more insight. Of course you want to  find an artist that makes her own recommendation. That's exactly why it's important to seek out a reputable and talented tattoo artist prior to getting your first tattoo.

While tattoos that are placed out of sight have their advantages, unless you stand in front of a mirror to look at your backside, you'll likely never really appreciate a lower back, shoulder or leg tattoo.

First tattoos should be placed somewhere you can view daily, and often, so that you can truly appreciate the experience of wearing a tattoo.

Another consideration is body fluctuations. Weight gain, surgeries and mere aging should always be considered prior to getting inked.

Breast, stomach and inner thigh tattoos are all subject to change and distort based on weight gain or loss, so be prepared to have a different tattoo down the road, should your body or form change.

These are all important considerations, especially for women of child bearing age.

Designs and Scale

It's not just the placement that matters for a first tattoo, but also the scale.

Your tattoo has to be a minimum size for all detailing. The more intricate or elaborate the tattoo, the larger it will need to be.This often changes tattoo placement and of course it also affects the cost of your tattoo.

Some people opt for small tattoos the first time around, others go big. One of  the largest trends in the current industry is bigger pieces, even for a first tattoo. There's some  good logic behind this. Prominent and grand scale tattoos make such a visual statement. If you're getting your first tattoo you may decide you'd rather have one large one, rather than a collection of small designs later.

Be Open Minded

It's valuable to be very open-minded with your first tattoo. I recommend meeting with several artists and then finalizing the process with one you feel most confident and comfortable with. From there you can request a custom design, unless you have your mind set on a traditional flash tattoo.

Planning your first tattoo is exciting. So long as you understand the most common placement concerns and select a design that will work within the area, you can be confident that you'll appreciate your design and hopefully have less risk of any tattoo regrets.