Best R&B/Soul Songs About Cheating Lovers

The Soft Sounds of Creepin' Around

No other genre of music delves as deeply into the subject of cheating lovers quite the way R&B and Soul forms of music do—with the possible exception of Country and Western music.

Have you been cheated on by your lover? Or maybe you're a cheating lover yourself? Heartbroken? Mad at a homewrecker? Or perhaps you are happy to be some chick's dude on the side? Express your feelings about cheating or being cheated on with these dozen song suggestions—featuring drama-soaked tracks by R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Keyshia Cole.

Same Girl - R. Kelly & Usher

In this song, two dudes each hook up with a hot chick, but when the guys compare notes, the two women wind up having too much in common for it to be a coincidence. Just goes to show you: women can be two-timers too.​

Key lyrics: "Man, I just can't believe that we've been messing around with the same damn girl/Thought she was someone I could trust but she's been doubling up with both of us."

Sideline Ho - Monica

Have you ever found out that your lover had another on the side and wanted to taunt that someone? Well, this song's for you.​

Key lyrics: "Get your sh*t together, you're making a fool of yourself. It don't matter if he spends the night, his home is somewhere else/Ain't you tired of being on the sideline, tired of getting yours after I get mine?"

You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse

He cheats on her, she cheats on him, they cheat on each other. Then they get back together... but for how long?​

Key lyrics: "I'm in the tub, you on the seat, Lick your lips as I soak my feet/Then you notice little carpet burn, My stomach drops and my guts churn/You shrug and it's the worst, Who truly stuck the knife in first?"

Boyfriend #2 - Pleasure P

If you're dying to be some chick's man on the side, then just tell her you want to be her "Boyfriend #2."

Key lyrics: "I'm boyfriend number 2, 'cause the first, he don't really seem like he know what to do."

Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) - R. Kelly

This classic song is about a man who's creeping around with a chick who already has a man. This song is the quintessential example of Kelly's flair for lyrical drama.​

Key lyrics: "Secret lovers is what you wanna be, While making love to him, girl you're silently calling on me/What is a man to do in a situation like this?, I feel there is something that I don't wanna miss."

I Should Have Cheated - Keyshia Cole

Another song of heartbreak, this one features a woman who regrets not going out and getting hers while he was out getting his.​

Key lyrics: "I might as well have cheated on you, As much as you accused me of cheating/I might as well have lied to you, As much as you accused me of lying."

Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake

This song is about getting even with the person who broke your heart.​

Key lyrics: "You don't have to say, What cha did/I already know, I found out from him/Now there's just no chance with you and me there will never be, don't it make you sad about it."​

Not Gon' Cry - Mary J. Blige

This one—which was originally on the Waiting to Exhale movie soundtrack—is about being absolutely heartbroken after finding out that after more than a decade of marriage, your lover's been cheating with his secretary.​

Key lyrics: "Eleven years out of my life, Besides the kids I have nothing to show/Wasted my years a fool of a wife, I shoulda have left your ass a long time ago."

Say My Name - Destiny's Child

This amazingly well-written song takes the perspective of a woman who's suspicious of her boyfriend because he won't call her by her name during a phone conversation.

Key lyrics: "You actin' kinda shady, Ain't callin me baby, Why the sudden change?/Say my name, say my name/If no one is around you, say 'Baby I love you'."

Another Relationship - Syleena Johnson

Key lyrics: "What does she have on me, What does she do that is so ​dayum good that would make you give up all the love all the trust and the stuff that you built with me/Does she know my name, Did you ever tell her that she was taking and breaking the bond that we strengthened through blood sweat and tears over the years?"

Confessions Pt. 2 - Usher

If you've ever had your man come to you and tell you that he's gotten another woman pregnant while he was out creepin'—or if you yourself are the man in question—then you can definitely relate to this Jerry Springer-ish song.​

Key lyrics: "Just when I thought I said all I can say/My chick on the side said she got one on the way."

If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night) - MeShell Ndegeocello

The lyrics say it all: "You say that's your boyfriend, You say I'm out of line/Funny, he said I could call him up anytime/You can say I'm wrong to say I ain't right, But if that's you boyfriend he wasn't last night."​
Oh snap.