The 10 Best Snowboard Movies of All Time


Snowboard movies have been an integral part of snowboard culture, and through the years we’ve seen some incredible maneuvers and terrain caught on film. Here are 10 movies every rider should see, regardless of age, location, or riding style.

1. The Haakonsen Faktor (1999)

Terje Haakonsen is known as one of the most creative riders of all time, and The Haakonsen Faktor displays his unique riding style at its best. Terje took big mountain riding, going big, and doing it all with style to the next level in this early snowboard film.

2. Back in Black (2003)

Back in Black was one of the most anticipated snowboard videos of 2003, and it definitely lived up to riders’ expectations. This Kingpin Productions flick features the best riders of the time, including Gigi Ruf, Chris Coulter, Todd Richards, Scotty Wittlake, Jeff Anderson and JF Pelchat. A moving tribute to Jeff Anderson following his tragic death earlier in the year makes this one of the most emotional snowboard videos to date.

3. The Community Project (2005)

The Community Project quickly became every rider’s go-to video when it was released in 2005. The Community Project features the most innovative and stylish riders of the early 2000s, like Terje Haakonsen, JJ Thomas, ​and Travis Rice. This film took snowboarders from their couches in the U.S. and Canada to some of the most sought-after snowboard destinations in the world, including New Zealand, Alaska, Japan and more.

4. Run to the Hills (1994)

The best snowboard videos don’t always feature new-age park features, rails, and pipes. Run to the Hills is one of those classic snowboard videos that every rider must see in their lifetime. Music by Pantera, White Zombie, Silver Chair and other rock and heavy metal greats plays over footage of riders like Peter Line, Terje Haakonsen, Aaron Vincent and Jim Rippey, making this early snowboard one of the most iconic of all time. 

5. True Life (2001)

True Life is different from most other snowboard films of the early 2000s. This film finally gave everyday riders a look into the lives of the pros with behind the scenes footage of their travels and life off the mountain. This video also features insane rail segments by JP Walker, Peter Line tearing up the backcountry in a leather jacket, and unprecedented riding by all of the favorite members of that unforgettable Forum team.

6. Afterbang (2002)

As competitions, sponsorships, and teams grew in the early 2000s, people began to take snowboarding more seriously—sometimes a little too seriously. Riders needed a movie like Afterbang to bring the sport back down to earth. Filmmakers and editors Jess Gibson and Pierre Wikberg poked fun at the serious side of the sport and featured riders like Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Chris Engelsman in a more lighthearted snowboard film that made riders laugh while still pushing the sport’s limits.

7. That’s It That’s All (2008)

That’s It That’s All brought snowboarding movies back to the mainstream of the sport in 2008. High production quality, non-stop action, stunning scenery and extreme backcountry and park riding by Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, John Jackson, Nicolas Muller and Terje Haakonsen, have made this snowboard flick a must-have on every rider’s shelf.

8. Deeper (2010)

Backcountry riding never loses its appeal on the big screen. Teton Gravity Research and Jeremy Jones prove just how film-worthy the big mountain riding is in their 2010 snowboarding hit, Deeper. Insane camera-work and high-quality production make big mountain backcountry riding tangible for snowboarders who may never get a chance to ride it themselves.

9. Futureproof (2005)

Gigi Ruf has been one of the biggest names in riding for as long as Terje Haakonsen, and his unique style and talent are what make films featuring him so incredible. The way Ruf and his fellow riders (like Nicolas Muller, JP Solberg, and David Carrier Porcheron) take advantage of massive natural features in Absinthe Films’ Futureproof has been inspiring riders to go bigger for a decade.

10. Apocalypse Snow (1983)

Apocalypse Snow was the first winter sports film to feature snowboarding, and it’s a must-see for any true snowboard junkie. This 1983 film certainly doesn’t feature the latest and greatest snowboarding maneuvers, but the old-school gap jumps, backcountry airs, ​and powder shredding offer an awesome look back into snowboarding history.