The Best Sites for Management and Leadership

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You may have been sent over via my blog, Great Leadership, from SmartBrief on Leadership, from Twitter (@greatleadership), or perhaps you were just searching the web for management and leadership articles.

However you arrived, I’m glad you did. Since I took over this section as the “Expert”, I’ve written more than 100 articles, and my predecessor, F. John Reh had written more than 1,000. If you are looking for how to achieve something related to management and leadership, chances are, you’ll find it here.

Here are the sites that I’d recommend (if I missed a section, please send me an email and I’ll update the list).

These are sections that I often link to from my own section, as they provide new and different perspectives on leadership that I believe my readers will enjoy.

Thumbnail descriptions taken straight from the Expert’s bios:

1. Human Resources by Susan Heathfield

“Susan Heathfield is a Human Resources expert. She is a management and organization development consultant who specializes in human resources issues and in management development to create forward thinking workplaces. Susan is also a professional facilitator, speaker, trainer, and writer.

The mission of this section is to provide accurate, thoughtful, forward-looking information for forward-thinking people who wish to stretch their imagination about how people can relate with coworkers and their workplace. Readers who want to share a new vision about these relationships will return frequently to this site. Basic HR and people management information is provided, but the site focuses on forward-looking concepts to challenge the thinking of people in workplaces world-wide.”

2. Women in Business by Lahle A. Wolfe

“Lahle A. Wolfe, a single mom of four, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, web programmer and application developer. She is founder and CEO of LA Wolfe Marketing and its two subsidiaries. Wolfe has extensive experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit business world.

Ms. Wolfe has more than 20 years of experience in small business development and management. In 1989 she wrote her first business application program for Sprint resolving significant customer billing issues and saving the company more than $1.3 million. Today, Wolfe owns her own marketing company and specializes in helping struggling business owners.

Wolfe has helped establish national nonprofit organizations, sole proprietorships, corporations, and now focuses her talents on marketing and SEO for attorneys and other professionals, and building strong business networks for women, minorities, and the disabled.”

3. Psychology by Kendra Cherry

See “Leadership” category

“Kendra Cherry is an author and educator with over a decade experience helping students make sense of psychology.

Psychology is a rich and varied subject that can generate theoretical questions while at the same time offering practical applications in almost all areas of everyday life. If you have ever wondered why people do the things they do, how they become who they are, or what factors influence how people develop, psychology can offer insight and answers. Whether you are a psychology major or a student taking an introductory course in the subject, my goal is to provide useful information and resources to further your understanding and appreciation of psychology.”

4. Job Searching by Alison Doyle

See Business Skills.

“Alison Doyle has been the job search expert since 1998. Alison is one of the industry's most highly-regarded career experts, with all the know-how to help you with job searching, interview skills, resumes, cover letters, personal branding, social networking, leaving your job, employment trends, and even more!”

5. Operations and Technology by Shahira Raineri

“The goal of this page is to arm you, the business professional with easy to read, simple to follow information to boost your productivity by making the most out of available technology and operations insights.

As a Business Executive for several global multi-nationals, I benefited from some great best practices from the corporate work place. With experience and insight from the corporate world, and my own business, I want to provide you with relevant and actionable content so that you can focus on what's important -- profitability of your business.”

6. Career Planning by Dawn Rosenberg McKay

See Workplace Survival and Success.

“Dawn Rosenberg McKay is a career planning professional with two decades of experience. She is the author of several books on this subject.

Dawn has been the Career Planning Guide Expert since 1997. She ran a job and education information center at a large public library for over five years, working with clients who were going through career transitions, such as career change and job loss. Dawn also assisted new high school and college graduates during the transition from school to starting a career. She has led workshops on resume writing, job interviewing, networking and job searching on the Internet.

A significant part of our lives revolves around work. Through the Career Planning section, I will provide resources that will help you find a satisfying and fulfilling career.