The 15 Best School Memes

Take a study break and check out these hilarious memes

School memes are funny whether you're a high school student, a college student, a teacher, or even a parent with children who go to school. Practically everyone has had their own experiences with school and education, so memes that really highlight the relatable nature of those experiences can conjure up a lot of personal memories.

What Do School Memes Mean?

School memes typically mean something about a student's feelings toward something they've experienced in school. School memes might mean something about homework, class presentations, exams, friends, romantic crushes, extracurricular activities, school sports teams, or other school-related things.

How Are They Used?

School memes are used to exaggerate a student's thoughts, feelings and/or actions in a school-related situation. Since kids and teens usually develop a large part of their social lives through school and are therefore often very preoccupied with just trying to fit in, some of the funniest school memes spring forth from exaggerating the experiences they have in their social circles. 

Examples of School Memes

Example #1:

Image: Success Kid meme template.
Text: "Goes to school on the first day. Finds out teacher doesn't take attendance."
Meaning: Success Kid is a meme used to express small and big wins. In this particular meme example, the small or big win is considered to be the opportunity to skip class without having to worry about getting caught for it.

Example #2: aaaaaaaaaw
: Mom standing with her kids as they board the school bus.
Text: "The best part about back-to-school shopping... is the kids are going back to school."
Meaning: Parents love their kids, but they might just love them a little more when they can finally catch a break after they return to school from summer vacation.

Example #3:
: Professor Snape from Harry Potter looking confused and a bit angry.
Text: "The face you make when your high school crush marries your arch-nemesis."
Meaning: Sometimes old high school pals become lovers later in life, and that can really sting when you find out that someone you really liked ended up with someone you really didn't like.

Check out the list below for more funny school memes!

What Kind of Science Lesson Is This, Anyway?

Rasta science teacher meme

Teachers aren't known for being cool, but Rasta Science Teacher certainly is. You never know whether you're going to end class feeling pretty chill or feeling pretty educated—or maybe both!

The Case of the Disappearing Pens

Ancient Aliens Guy school meme

Most students start the school year with a freshly stocked supply of stationery items, yet end the year with basically nothing. Could this be some kind of alien conspiracy?!

When Your Middle School Crush Meant Everything to You

School crush meme

Back before Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and the entire social web came into existence, kids had just one main medium for communicating outside of school: their parents' landlines. Those were the days, eh?

It's Not Procrastination If You Use It as a Reward

Lazy Senior Student meme


Now that the distracting perils of the social web beckon students from their forever-connected mobile devices, they can disguise their internet addiction as well-deserved rewards for completing even the smallest school-related tasks.

Is This Chemistry or Art Class?

School Meme

Why is it that students always end up remembering the most useless information from their classes? Those hexagon drawing skills will sure come in handy when...oh wait, they'll probably never come in handy. 

When Teachers Just Want to Do It Their Own Way

Teacher school Meme

College and university textbooks basically cost you an arm and a leg—especially when bought brand new. And the worst part of all is that you never know when you're going to get that one professor who bases next to nothing from the course off of the textbook despite it being listed as an essential course material item. 

Every Class Had at Least One Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All

Freshman kid meme

Someone needs to break the news to this guy (or gal) that taking a single course in any topic doesn't make them an expert. Tell them to come back and preach their stuff when they have at least a decade of experience working in that area.

You Totally Missed out, Bro

School meme


Skipping school always seems like a good idea before you do it (and even while you're doing it)—until you go back the next day and find out you missed literally every interesting event that could have possibly happened in the span of a single day.

Can't We All Just Get Along for This One Project?

Starter Pack school meme


Group projects are tough enough to get done when you get to choose your friends to work with, but they're even tougher when the teacher decides to group you with random classmates who have conflicting personalities and different educational values.

Thanks for Bailing Me out, Mom

Prison school meme


When you're a kid, school can kind of feel like prison. And it can feel like glorious, soul-expanding freedom when your parents come to pull you out of school early to take you to an appointment or something.

Intelligence Is Overrated, Anyway

SpongeBob school meme


Nothing is worse than thinking you studied enough for a test before realizing that you're going to have to rely almost entirely on guesswork and improvisation for the smallest chance of earning a passing grade.

When Morning Classes Are the Most Painful

Boyfriend looking school meme


After a late night of hanging with your buddies or waiting until the absolute last minute to finish an assignment, sleep seems to make a lot more sense than going to an early morning class. 

Just Try to Act Cool

Shrek school meme

Public speaking is nerve-wracking enough, but when you have to potentially do it in front of your crush on a topic you barely understand and couldn't care less about, you really have to do your best to compensate for your lack of grace.

The Struggle Is Real

Lil Wayne school meme


Admit it—there's no point in looking your best in school if your crush isn't there. You could have saved yourself a lot of time in the morning if you knew he or she wasn't going to attend.

When You're a Student for Life

Student for life meme

It's hard not to notice those students who are significantly older than the typical 18, 19, or 20-something year-olds in any college or university class. In fact, it's kind of humbling and inspirational to see them there as proof that no matter who you are, you never stop learning as long as you're still alive.