Best Replacement Tires for C6 Corvettes

Corvette C6 parked on road.
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From 2005 to 2008, Corvette used Goodyear Eagle F1 GS Extended Mobility tires as their OEM tires. For the Z51, it was Goodyear Eagle F1 SC Extended Mobility Asymmetric Tread. Both are run-flat tires developed specifically for C5 Corvettes, slotted in the ultra high-performance summer tire category.

While the fifth generation Corvette came with new styling and a new engine, some felt its tires couldn't keep up with the rest of the car.

Others noted that the Goodyear tires were adequate … until they were worn out.

"The tires were a weak point," says Mike Yager, author of The Corvette Bible. "They had a short lifespan and were expensive to replace."

One telling problem with these tires is their lack of attendance on some of the top expert tests for performance run-flat tires. They apparently didn't make the shortlist for these reviews.

Consumers at also don't seem to be very impressed with the Eagle F1 GS EMT, as they are listed on the site. Users give it mediocre ratings for wet traction, resistance to hydroplaning, ride comfort, road noise, and treadwear.

Goodyear's aftermarket replacement tire, the Eagle F1 GS -2 EMT, doesn't appear to be much better. Most say they probably won't buy the tire again, and complain that it's too loud.

The Best Replacement Tires For Your C6 Corvette

So what's the best aftermarket tire for a C6 Corvette?

Many experts say it's the Michelin Pilot Sport ZP (zero pressure, aka run flat). For even higher performance, the Pilot Sport PS2 ZP is also a great pick.

After the release of the PS2 a few years ago, editors with Automobile Magazine traveled to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to test the Michelins against Corvette's OEM Goodyear tires. 

"The amazing discovery was how much additional grip is provided by the new Michelins, now available as a replacement fitment," editors said after running both sets of tires on the track.

"I can't think of a quicker or easier way to significantly upgrade performance than swapping out a set of used F1s for new Pilot Sport PS2 ZPs on any Corvette Z06.

"On wet pavement, the PS2s bit through the water to hold the Corvette tenaciously to its cornering line. There was so much adhesion available that the front of the car chattered at the understeer limit as it held then lost grip in a highly predictable manner. The Goodyear was easy to slide around the course but its speed through the wet portion of the gymkhana was notably slower."

Overall, both writers and racers at the event preferred the PS2 to the Eagle F1 GS EMT.

"The Pilot Sport PS2 is the best performance tire Michelin offers short of the street-legal/track-tuned Pilot Sport Cup rubber. With scores of OE and replacement fitments already existing, PS2s are a favorite of manufacturers and owners alike," said Automobile Magazine editors.

C6 Corvette Fitment Guide




2005 - 2013 Corvette

P245/40ZR18 LL (88Y)

P285/35ZR19 LL (90Y)

2006 - 2013 Z06

P275/35ZR18 LL (87Y)

P325/30ZR19 LL (94Y)

2009 - 2013 ZR1

P285/30ZR19 LL (87Y)

P335/25ZR20 LL (94Y)

2010 - 2013 Grand Sport

P275/35ZR18 LL (87Y)

P325/30ZR19 LL (94Y)

2011 Z06 w/ Z07 Performance Package

P285/30ZR19 LL (87Y)

P335/25ZR20 LL (94Y)

2013 427 Convertible

P285/30ZR19 LL (87Y)

P335/25ZR20 LL (94Y)

For Other Seasons

The PSS and PS2 tires are summer tires, and won't give you the grip needed for cold weather. 

A special thanks to Brian Remsberg with Michelin tires for providing information for the fitment guide.