Best Razor Bump Treatments

Looking for the best razor bump treatment? Trust me when I say you're not alone. Along with ingrown hair, bumps are down right terrible and annoying, but very common side effects from shaving and waxing. I'm sure you have seen many products calling your name promising to be just what you need. Since we've tested out many on the market, we'll help you find something especially for your skin type and budget for both genders.

This list was put together with the help of my assistant, Nicole Fierro.

Best Budget- Women

We love how affordable this gel is along with the fact that you don’t need gobs because a little goes a long way. This drugstore product not only works in helping to prevent or treat razor rash and bumps. It can also take away the bad feelings- like pain, redness and itching from it.

Just be careful if you apply it immediately after removing hair.You might feel a slight sting before it fully takes effect (read review).

Best  Budget- Men

You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg and still have your pick between four different formulas: maximum strength, extra strength, original, and sensitive. We can’t speak for all four formulas, but each man who tried the extra-strength in my assistant Nicole’s review all agreed on not caring for the smell. On the bright side, they all saw eye- to-eye in another very important matter- that it works.

You also won’t have to wait to get it. You’ll probably find it at your local drugstore or superstore and save on shipping.

Best Unisex

Sold in many salons and spas, it couldn’t be easier to use with a roll-on that’s also perfect for travel. It’s also affordable considering you can just purchase a refill instead of a whole new container.

Tend Skin’s scent may not please your nose, but it's very much adored by both men and women because it can work on razor burn, ingrown hair and razor bumps very quickly-- in as little as 24 hours (read review).

Best Professional

Relax & Wax is a company that makes products to help with the common side effects of waxing- like pain and ingrown hairs. Their Get the Bump Outta Here isn't limited to those who wax. It's made to fight ingrown hair, razor rash and bumps from all types of hair removal- even for those with sensitive skin.

Although it's a professional beauty brand sold at many high end salon and spas, its price tag isn't too steep for a 4 oz. roll-on that doesn't have a bad scent. Read my assistant Nicole's review.

Best for Dry, Dark or Black Skin

Alcohol can dry out your complexion, and if you have dark or black skin, leave you looking ashy. This product from Barc is not only free of alcohol and parabens, but loaded with ingredients to hydrate, calm and restore. You may even prefer it over your facial moisturizer. Yet it doesn’t contain oil or fragrance, so it won’t leave you feeling greasy or smelling bad. (read review).

African-Americans tend to struggle the most with ingrown hair and razor bumps, so something that can do the job aggressively is needed. It might sting a little bit at first, but works well, even on severe cases.

Best All Natural

Emu oil fights the redness and irritation of razor bumps and ingrown hair, all without harsh ingredients or preservatives.  It’s a great choice if you’re allergic to aspirin (since many mainstream products contain a derivative of aspirin, often labeled as salicylic acid) or if you prefer more natural products. 

It might take a couple days to work because of its gentle nature. Since it’s not an aggressive treatment, I wouldn’t recommend it to those with severe issues or need help fast.