The Best and Sexiest R&B Songs

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Call these songs bedroom music, or quiet storm, or mood setters, if you really want to be polite about it. But basically, they are sex songs—songs about getting a little somethin.' Unlike other romantic songs, these R&B tunes are not talking about love—they're all about good old-fashioned lust. Check out this mix of songs that convey that emotion, including music by R. Kelly, Usher, Aaliyah, Trey Songz and The Isley Brothers.

'Bump N Grind (Remix),' R. Kelly

R. Kelly 1993
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A tune so powerful, it inspired a new name for sex songs: "bump and grind music." Here's a sample of the track's opening lyrics: "Sit down on the couch, Take your shoes off/Let me rub your body before I tear it off/The honey lover man is ready to flex/Girl flex, time to have sex/We'll start right here and work our way around/I won't stop until I hear the 'oooh, aah' sound." Obviously, there is a controversial side to R. Kelly, but there is no denying he knows how to jump-start an erotic encounter.

'Adorn,' Miguel

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In an interview with "People" magazine, Miguel said he was inspired to write this sexually charged song after he'd been on a long trip and was anxious to get home to "Adorn" his girlfriend. Key lyrics: "These lips, can't wait to taste your skin baby, And these eyes, can't wait to see your grin, Just let my love, Just let my love adorn you."

'Dive,' Usher

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Just like another song on this list, Trey Songz' "Dive," Usher's tune uses a water metaphor to convey a message about sex. A sample of the lyrics: "It's raining inside your bed, No parts are dry, Loving makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs/And ever since we first met I knew that I, I knew I was ready baby, to take that dive."

'So Anxious,' Ginuwine

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Ginuwine collaborated with Timbaland on this 1999 song which is guaranteed to set the mood for erotic pleasure. He is waiting all night for his lover to return his calls because he is "So Anxious."

'Rock the Boat,' Aaliyah

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"Rock The Boat" is the most erotic song recorded by Aaliyah. She's in charge and giving instructions: "Work the middle. Change positions, new positions...I need you to use yourself/Like you never ever used to do before. To explore my body. Until you reach the shore."

'Dive In,' Trey Songz

Trey Songz
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On the sexually-drenched "Dive In," Trey Songz uses suggestive metaphors to equate lovemaking to taking a swim: "I'm about to dive in, baby girl hold your breath, we about to get so we swimming in your body, let me dive in, you know ain't no runnin' 'round this pool, goin' under just for you."

'Sex Never Felt Better,' TGT

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Ladies were in ecstasy when heartthrobs Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank united to form TGT, and the three studs made the female fantasize about how "Sex Never Felt Better." They sing: "Bring it over here, turn your phone off, leave them heels on, take them clothes off, I wanna see no one else, 'cause I'm yours tonight,"

'PDA (We Just Don't Care),' John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen
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John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen are known for their public displays of affection, which he sings about in "PDA (We Just Don't Care)." On this song, Legend lets his inner freak out: "I see you closin' down the restaurant, let's sneak and do it when your boss is gone, everybody's leavin', we'll have some fun, oh maybe it's wrong, but you're turnin' me on."

'Let's Lay Together,' The Isley Brothers

Ronald Isley
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The Isley Brothers delivered the perfect seduction scenario in "Let's Lay Together" from the 1996 Wayans Brothers' comedy Don't Be a Menace... Ronald Isley demonstrates how to convince a reluctant partner it's time to release her inhibitions. "Your body is warm but you're still unsure, I'll have you know that I have the perfect cure, yeah, Step in my room and I'll take your fears away, Put your trust in me and all that I say, Tell me, can we lay?"

'Birthday Sex,' Jeremih

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Jeremih kicked off his career in 2009 hitting number one with his autobiographical tune, "Birthday Sex." He says his goal was to write a song that "caters to females on their day." He succeeded in creating an anthem that expresses the perfect birthday gift.

'Love After War,' Robin Thicke

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On "Love After War," Robin Thicke sings about the inevitable making up process that comes after a couple has a big fight: "Ooh, it's a knockout baby, you won the fight, I said I'm sorry that I acted like a selfish child/Please forgive me baby ... you know I can make it right," he sings. Ironically, Thicke released the song three years before his infamous 2014 breakup and eventual divorce from his wife, Paula Patton.

'Lazy Love,' Ne-Yo

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Ever had sex that was so good, you have to stay for more, even though you know you're late for work.Then you can definitely relate to what Ne-Yo calls,"Lazy Love."

'Give It to Me Right,' Melanie Fiona

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Most of the songs on this list were recorded by men, however, ladies also want to call the shots in the bedroom. In "Give It To Me Right," Melanie Fiona lays down the law for between the sheets: "When I get it, I better be satisfied, So give it to me right, Or don't give it to me at all."

'Bed,' J. Holiday

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 J. Holiday created an international frenzy from Paris, France to Paris, Texas with his 2007 seduction hit simply titled, "Bed." He gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'getting tucked in.'

'Play,' Goapele

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Goapele is known for her social, political and message-minded music, however, she displayed her sensual side on her 2011 song "Play" which was featured in a Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels. She sings, "I wanna play, play around, tell me if you think that you can get down/'Cause this is what I'm dying for, I mean this is what I'm dying to do."

'Sweet Pain,' Anthony David

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This is a straight-up S&M sex jam, with Anthony David seducing the listener with lyrics like "I been watching, waiting, hoping, wishing we could get it on together, let me introduce you to some sweet pain."