The 7 Best Perfumes for Teens in 2019

These scents are perfect for a budding young adult

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Most fragrances marketed for teens are overly saturated with tacky florals and fruity scents or harsh a musk mixed with intense vanillas. They’re usually way too strong for their own good. Because most teens want to have that mature feeling—and many think fragrance is the way to get there—they slather it on for maximum effects, which leaves them with an overdose of smells. It’s hard to find the perfect fragrance balance, but a bad scent is never where one should start.

It can be confusing as to which fragrances are age appropriate, worth the money, and smell great, especially today when there is an overwhelming amount of options. Whether you’re shopping with your teen or shopping for them, read on to learn about the best perfumes for teens you can buy now.

Originally designed in 2007, this fragrance is one of the most well known fragrances for how pure, subtle, and sweet it is. As an Eau de Toilette, the fragrance only has 4 to 8% of pure fragrance, making it lighter and less pungent than other perfumes on the market. The brand named ultimate dream teen Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, the face of the fragrance this past year because of how youthful it really is. Over 1,200 customers rated this fragrance with five stars on Amazon. The fragrance opens up with a fresh scent of violet leaves and wild strawberries, but the heart of the scent is jasmine, gardenia, and grapefruit. The base is a subtle musk, vanilla, and sandalwood. Because of how light, citrusy, and fresh the scent is, it’s one of the most appropriate fragrances for a teenage girl. It won't overpower her but can add a little something if she wants to dabble in the world of fragrance feel extra special.

Instead of going through that overwhelming body spray phase that somehow lingers through every room of the house, a teenage boy should start off with something more subtle and mature (isn’t that why they want cologne, anyway?). Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue Eau de Toilette for men not only is a classic, but it’s also light enough that it won’t overwhelm the senses of everyone around. It's main scent note is aquatic and ocean-like, mixed with notes like basil, sage, suede, moss, and musk. Ralph Lauren's fragrance gives a fresh, yet mature feeling that isn't overpowering.

For the fourth fragrance created by Taylor Swift, she wanted something that was meant for the modern, mature girl who is also a hopeless romantic. Not only will the bottle look cute on any girl’s dresser or night stand, but it crosses between two major fragrance families: floral and oriental, meaning it’s spicy, yet sweet.

Opening up with the smell of grapefruit and pink pepper, it has a little bit of sass, until it hits the heart and base notes of vanilla, suede, white amber, musk, and vanilla. The fragrance is one of the better celebrity creations, and clearly great for any Taylor Swift fan in your life.

The Body Shop is a definite classic for fragrance. Because they’re inexpensive and also ethically pure—all products are cruelty free, fairly traded, and 100% vegetarian—it’s great for any teen who wants to smell great, but feel good about their purchase as well. The Body Shop’s body mist is one of their top rated products, and with the mango essence, it has a sweet, tropical scent to freshen up with.

You don’t have to spray it in strategic places either. It can be spritzed allover, but don’t worry, it’s not overwhelming. On top of the scent, the mist is made with community trade sugarcane from Brazil and community trade alcohol from Ecuador. It’s 100% vegan, and free of parabens, gluten, and silicone, so it’s safe for everyone to use. At such an affordable price, it's great starter scent for a teenager who wants a signature smell to call their own.

Bless Your Hair by Jessie James Decker Sweet Magnolia Hair Perfume
Courtesy of Target

A lot of perfumes made for teens can be much too strong, especially the more inexpensive ones. To make sure the scent is appropriate, but also still smells great, try out a hair perfume. Hair actually retains scent well, and it’s definitely hard to overdo. This hair perfume created by country singer Jessie James Decker is meant to be romantic and sweet, which is perfect for any teenage girl who wants something more on the feminine side. Plus, it’s inexpensive compared to most fragrances and comes in a perfect spray bottle, so it could be thrown into a backpack for after gym class. More »

As their newest fragrance, Victoria’s Secret positioned this perfume to be the sister to their best-seller Bombshell. Both are girly and fun, but this one is less fruity and more mature. As a floral oriental scent, this one exudes notes of sage, velvet must, and tuberose, making it a bit more sassy, but still sweet and age appropriate. The bottle has a variety of pink tones with a ribbon tied into a bow around the neck of the bottle. Although more mature than most scents for teens, this fragrance will be the perfect addition to any girly girl’s makeup collection.

For the girl who’s too sophisticated for her own good, a Kate Spade fragrance could be a nice addition to her makeup collection or a nice surprise gift. As an already sophisticated, yet whimsical brand, Kate Spade decorated the bottle with an adorable bow and charming, almost Tiffany-esque blue. Any wannabe Audrey Hepburn would die for this bottle. Because it is an eau de parfum, there’s a higher concentration of pure fragrance (about 8 to 15%), making it stronger than most other perfumes. It’s meant to exude the grace and confidence of the wearer with layers of magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine, and crinum lily. Even though this is a more sophisticated fragrance, it still has a youthful, fresh flare great for teens.