Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Teens

Looking for a job that'll enrich your soul and start you on the path towards a lifelong career? OK, maybe not. You're probably just looking for a way to make cash and beat your boredom.That's fine, too.

There are lots of ways to reach your goals, including some you may not have considered before. As a bonus, you just might find that the job you pick is rewarding in more ways than you expected. 

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Volunteers planting a tree together
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Lots of homeowners in your 'hood need help around the yard -- from lawn mowing in the spring and summer, to raking in the fall, to shoveling in the winter. They'd probably rather pay a local teen than an expensive landscaping company.

  • Pros: Great exercise, great pay and a great way to get to know your neighbors.
  • Cons: You'll need to be extra-motivated if you want to start your own business and find clients. And all that manual labor can be exhausting.
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Animal Caretaker

Wanna make some furry friends? Consider being a dog walker, a pet sitter, or even a groomer. Many pet owners feel guilty about being away from home all day, and they'd happily pay you to give their pets some extra love.

  • Pros: You can make your own hours, and if you're an animal lover, this job will hardly feel like work.
  • Cons: Unless your client is Babe the talking pig, hanging out with pets all day can get lonely. Plus, you'll have to deal with all those less-than-adorable things that pets do.
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The perfect job if you're considering being a teacher, or if you excel at one or more of your school subjects. Talk to your guidance counselor and local library about job opportunities. Or you could even start your own tutoring business.

  • Pros: Good money, a ton of practice at your favorite subjects and a huge feeling of accomplishment.
  • Cons: Frustrating at times, and if you tutor at your own school, you'll be stuck inside the same building all day.
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Restaurant Employee

You love eating at restaurants, so why not work at one - as a server, busser, line cook or host? Many restaurants look for staff through word of mouth, so make a sweep of your favorite joints and ask the manager if they need any help.

  • Pros: A great way to meet people and practice your social skills. As a server or busser, you'll probably get paid from tips, so the harder you work, the more money you make.
  • Cons: At any given time, this is one of the stressful jobs you can have. And servers take a lot of abuse from fussy customers.
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Camp Counselor

If you love the outdoors and don't mind being away from home, camp counseling is a great way to enjoy the summer and make new friends.

  • Pros: With all the socializing and activities, it's practically as fun as being a camper. Plus, the time away from home is great prep for college life.
  • Cons: It's seasonal, obviously. And being in charge of sick or injured kids is a big responsibility.
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Office Intern

While your friends are toiling away at the mall, get a dose of the professional life by interning for a local business. Ask your parents and your parents' friends if they know of any open positions, or just start sending emails to companies you like.

  • Pros: One of the best resume builders you can get, and it might lead to a long-term, high-paying position.
  • Cons: Most internships are unpaid, and you'll probably get handed a lot of grunt work at first.
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Movie Theater Employee

If you're a budding filmmaker or just a fan, working at a theater is a great way to see a ton of free flicks and hang out with other film buffs.

  • Pros: Free movies, lots of downtime and all the popcorn you can eat.
  • Cons: You'll probably be making minimum wage or close to it. And after your fiftieth bag, that "free popcorn" thing will be more of a con than a pro.
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Etsy Seller

Are you crafty? At, you can sell your homemade goods -- like jewelry, greeting cards, and knitwear -- to craft lovers all around the world.

  • Pros: Your chance to get paid for being totally creative. You can set your own prices and work from home.
  • Cons: You'll need a credit card and your parents' permission to sign up, and every item you list (whether or not it sells) will set you back twenty cents.
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Park Employee

Check out the job opportunities at state and national parks. There's a wide range of work to be done, from guest services to concessions to getting down and dirty in the wilderness.

  • Pros: You'll get to work in a beautiful environment and learn about local ecology.
  • Cons: Some positions are unpaid, and others are only seasonal. Check with the National Park Service to see what's available.
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Who said that jobs need to pay in cash? Volunteer work can give you something many paying jobs can't: that warm fuzzy feeling. Find out what opportunities are available by you.

  • Pros: Excellent addition to your resume and college applications. And at the end of the day, it just feels great.
  • Cons: Besides the pay? None.