The 7 Best 'No' Memes You Should Be Using

Um, how about no

No memes are a way to say "no" in a creative way. There is a range of no meme staples featuring Grumpy Cat, silly dogs, comic characters, an evil villain, and a cranky talent show judge. When you need a satisfying way to express dissent, a no meme is just the thing.

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What Do No Memes Mean?

No memes represent a forceful "no." They're a way to visually express how you feel about a request when words aren't enough.

How Are No Memes Used?

Most no memes include a picture of a cranky character or animal. Sometimes the creature is laughing or smirking, though. Think: "ha ha ha no" or "how about no?" variations.

Examples of No Memes

Example #1:
 The No face.
Text: No
Meaning: Derived from a rage comic, no face, also known as rage face, is here to decline your request or disapprove of your idea.

Example #2:
Top panel: dog appearing to laugh. Bottom panel: the dog is looking deadly serious.
Meaning: When your request is so outrageous, you get a hearty laugh before a hard no.

Example #3:
Dog with an apparent sneer on their face
Text: Wait, I got a better idea. How 'bout no?
Meaning: A sassy way of saying no, when a simple no isn't sufficient.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the six funniest no memes:

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Rage Face

Drawing of rage face character with caption: NO.

When you need to say "no," rage face is here to help.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha No

top panel: laughing dog with caption: ha ha ha; bottom panel: serious dog with caption: No.

Sometimes it's not enough to turn someone down; you have to have a nice laugh first.

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How About No

Dog with funny face captioned: Wait I got a better idea. How 'bout no?

Sometimes you need to mix a little snark with your objection.


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Bugs Bunny Declines Your Offer

Bugs Bunny cartoon saying 'no.'


The Bugs Bunny no meme is ever customizable. No, Bugs does NOT want to leave a review of your app!!!

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Dr. Evil Says No

picture of Dr Evil with caption: How about no?

Dr. Evil—he's just like us. He says "no" with style.

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Grumpy Cat Goes Grey

Grumpy cat with caption: Fifty Shades of NO

Grumpy Cat is a HUGE fan of "no," and in fact, has fifty shades of it.


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Congrats! It's a No!

Picture of former American Idol judge Simon Cowell with caption: It's a no from me

Who can forget how much Simon Cowell enjoyed saying "no" when he was a judge on American Idol?