The 8 Best Natural Deodorants to Buy in 2018

These clean products can keep you smelling fresh

We use it is every single day from the moment we start going through puberty. Deodorant is a necessity. But formulas with ingredients like aluminum come with some serious health risks. Deodorants on the market have been linked to potential cancer risks and rather than take a chance on their health, many consumers are switching over to natural deodorant options for some peace of mind.

Like mass brand deodorants, all natural deodorants are not created equal. They tend to have less odor-fighting power and antiperspirant abilities than more popular brands. But when you find the right one, it's a keeper. Read on to learn about the best natural deodorants you can buy now to help you feel and smell fresh and clean all day long.

When you need to get rid of any bad smells in your refrigerator, you stick some Arm & Hammer baking soda in there to freshen things up. Well, now the brand is using the same idea for deodorant. The Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant has baking soda in it to help absorb and fight odor. This formula also has a blend of sparkling citrus, fresh lavender, and soft floral scents to help you smell fresh all day.

One reviewer said that after developing some skin sensitives, their dermatologist suggested switching to an aluminum-free deodorant. After trying multiple formulas that either didn’t fight odor or didn’t last all day, they finally tired this one and can’t believe how well it works. Other reviewers mentioned that the non-greasy formula doesn't leave any dreaded white marks on clothing. For a natural deodorant that doesn't require reapplication to keep you smelling clean, try Arm & Hammer's product.

This unscented deodorant doesn’t rely on fragrance to mask odor. Instead, it’s made of natural mineral salts that create a protective layer and work against bacteria to eliminate odor. You can apply the formula with the deodorant stone, which the brand suggests moistening before each application. The product also lasts for about a year, so not only is it affordable to purchase, but you won’t need to stock up every couple of months.

“Though it takes a few extra moments to put on, once applied it works perfect the entire day,” a reviewer said. “To think this little, simple and natural product [is] not only safe to the skin [and] environment but lasts one heck of a long time.”

This organic, vegan, and cruelty-free deodorant is made with only natural ingredients to help keep you smelling fresh without any potentially toxic filler ingredients. It’s made with coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda to help deodorize and fight any nasty bacteria as well as Douglas fir, scotch pine, and eucalyptus lemon essential oils for a woody and fresh scent.

There is a tip from the brand to keep in mind: when you’re transitioning to a natural deodorant your body may need some time to adjust, so give it a few days to detoxify and get used to the new formula before seeing the full effect.

“[I] tried this all natural deodorant with a little skepticism, but I’m really impressed,” one reviewer said. “The scent is subtle but fresh, it goes on smooth, and even at the end of the day—no odor!!”

If you’re looking to feel dry and fresh all day—and most of us are— the Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is the way to go. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and absorbs any wetness caused by sweat throughout the day so your skin feels dry and comfortable. It’s not greasy or sticky and it smells amazing thanks to notes of jasmine and green tea. The scent is fresh without being too perfume-y, so it's great for those with sensitive senses of smell.

“Best deodorant I've ever used,” one Amazon reviewer said. “I don't mean it is the best natural deodorant I have used I mean it is the best of all deodorant.”

If you want a scent that is pleasant without being overpowering, the Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Lavender is a perfect choice. This natural deodorant has a subtle warm, flowery scent that doesn’t linger too much as it fights odor throughout the day. It also comes in varieties of grapefruit, lemon, and coconut, all mixed with the signature vanilla scent.

It’s formulated without baking soda to prevent any potential irritation for those with sensitive skin, but keeps your underarms dry and feeling fresh.

Oftentimes, reapplying is necessary when using a natural deodorant. Without the chemicals that are added to mass brand products, the lasting power is not quite up to the same standard. But the Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick was formulated with odor-fighting hops to last for 24 hours.

“I usually sweat quite a bit, not anymore! Keeps me drier and smelling better than any deodorant I've ever used,” a reviewer said. “Tip: goes on a little wet, but give it a few minutes and it will dry...and with no film!”

If you’re not a stick deodorant fan, these Pacifica Beauty Natural Underarm Deodorant Biodegradable Wipes might be for you. They’re easy to pack in your gym bag so you can wipe any sweat away after a workout or a cramped commute. And the scent from the essential oils lasts to help fight odors that might develop throughout the day. They’re great for refreshing when you can’t get in the shower.

“Love having these in my drawer for those warm days where my antiperspirant fails early in the day and I want to freshen up,” an Amazon reviewer said. “They clean without feeling ‘perfume-y’ in any way which I appreciate.”

Spray deodorants are a great option for those who aren’t into stick formulas. The Weleda Citrus Deodorant was made for easy application in the morning and throughout the day. It’s made with the juice of pressed lemons and aromatic plant essences to keep you smelling and feeling refreshed. It’s also made to help the skin maintain its natural detoxifying process rather than plugging pores and therefore preventing them releasing sweat.

“This stuff works like a dream,” one Amazon reviewer said. “Fantastic fresh smell, evaporates quickly, and kills off any underarm bacteria you may have lurking in your pits.”


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