10 Memes About Monday

Memes that might have you wishing it was Tuesday

Spilt cup of coffee with the word Monday spelled out in coffee


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Is Monday anyone's favorite day of the week? These Monday memes seem to imply that Monday is not only the worst day of the week but is likely to be the day that the world ends. Though we're not sure that anyone would notice since it'd occur on a Monday. Mondays seem to always make you wish it was Tuesday and keep you dreaming of Friday.

Before you get the impression that Monday is always up to no good, remember that it is a Monday that markets the traditional beginning of the summer. American football is played on Monday nights, and Dingus Monday is celebrated with a polka festival.

While Monday may be reviled mostly by the working public as the day the work week begins, it is also the day that is associated with holidays and the three day weekend.

So, Mondays have a good and bad side, which makes it an obvious topic for memes.

What Monday Memes Mean

You're either for Mondays or you're against them. That seems to be the core issue for Monday memes, and boy can the meme creators have fun representing these opposites. 

Monday memes are all about extremes, how badly you dislike Mondays, or how much you love Mondays the beginning of a new week. No matter which side you come down on, there is a Monday meme for you.

How Monday Memes Are Used

Monday memes are all about your fondness for the day or your lack of joy for another week about to begin. In looking through the popular Monday memes, we would say Monday as a scary day is the more prevalent form of the meme, but we also found plenty of memes showing off there like for the day.

Monday memes are used to let others know what your position is on Monday, would you rather stay in bed and hide from the day, or get up and head out to see what the day will bring.

Want to discover more about Monday memes, then read on to see the ten best Monday memes we could find. Don't like our choices? You can make your own memes with one of these 10 Popular Meme Generator Tools.

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Hello Monday

Coffee meme


It's so tough to resist a steaming hot cup of coffee. That's especially the case on a Monday morning.

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Keep Calm

Minion meme


Maybe if you pretend that it's not Monday like this Minion is, it'll go away!

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Monday Sized Coffee

Monday Size Coffee meme


Who ordered a Monday sized cup of coffee to get them through the day? Was it you? Because here it is.

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Daily Job Moods

Baby Faces for Each Day of the Week meme


These babies faces might represent your mood about each day of the week. Well, do they?

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How I Feel About Mondays

Tongue Dog


Coming from a dog, that raspberry's extra special. Who's done the same thing once or twice when a Monday has rolled around?

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Corgi Monday



Hi, Corgi! We're feeling better after seeing this Corgi meme. Are you?

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Take Over the World

Minion With Cow Coffee Mug


Minions are eager to take over the world on any day of the week. But, there's something extra great about doing it on a Monday.

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Monday Face

Puppy Dog Snarling meme


Who snarled when it was Monday again? This cute little fluffer did.

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A Day on Mercury

Planet Mercury meme


Time is relative, and when Monday rolls around you experience time slowing to a crawl, just like it would on Mercury.

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Grumpy Cat Does Not Like Your Complaints

Crumpy Cat meme


Grumpy Cat's always grumpy, but she's extra grumpy on Monday, and that's because you're grumpy, and sharing, and she doesn't like humans who share.